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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bad Space Epic Film, or Good?

Hello, All!

For those of you who love B-rated sci fi movies (or any genre of B-rated flicks) or you hate them so much you just like to watch them as a means of masochism, you might be interested in this. This was made in the era of the premiere of the Star Wars Saga, the late '70s, and so is probably one of Star Wars's knock-offs.

Let me know how good (because you think it's so bad) or how bad (because you think it really is bad) it is and whether you loved it because it was so bad that it was good, or you absolutely hated it for the very reason that it was bad. Personally I haven't seen this clip myself, but I'm going to watch it tonight. I just happened to have encountered it on io9 while doing research for one of my articles (hopefully to be published by tomorrow evening). So it will be just as interesting for me to see how terrible it is as it will probably be for you. Oh, and you may want to read the article that presents this clip; it's really interesting.

Until next week . . .!5752459/one-of-the-absolute-worst-space-battle-sequences-weve-ever-seen

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