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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rude-olfo the Red Nosed Bull (Who's Really a Minotaur)

I went to a charity art auction at Empire Vault Comics here in Sacramento this afternoon. I was one of the artists and so donated my art. If you can call it art. Because I'm always depending on a bus, and I was coming out from over by UC Davis and so the outer limits end of town (as in the outer Sacramento city limits), I was in a rush to make my drawing. The drawings are made there at the event, many of them by request. The money we charge for them goes to Toys for Tots. So my drawing--even for a caricature of Santa driving a sleigh pulled by, not Rudolph (not even reindeer of any kind) but, instead, Rude-olfo the Red Nosed Bull, actually a minotaur--was pretty bad. I should have named the drawing "Rude Awful".

You probably want to see a picture of it. Actually, you don't. As I said, it was pretty bad. That's because I had to rush through it. It was so awful that I told the auctioneer, TV horror hostess Miss Misery that she could lower the starting bid if she wanted to, which was 10 bucks. I'll be happy if my drawing sold for 10 cents! And it all goes to charity too and so that's the main reason I took a walk in the winter cold rain all the way from my house to the bus stop, which the whole commute turned out to be over an hour. I like to make sure I contribute to at least one social justice/charity event each holiday season, though I didn't intend for my drawing to turn out to be less than 10 bucks worth. But as the saying goes, every bit counts. Well it had better count; I spent over ten bucks of transportation, including a taxi, to contribute to a good cause though I wish I could have contributed more. (I'm out of a car right now.)

Even if you wanted to see my art to see how bad it was I couldn't post it here because I forgot to bring my camera to snap a photo of it before I handed it over to Miss Misery. She must have literally lived up to her name when she saw that drawing of mine.

So I can't post a photo of my drawing here but I have posted some holiday photos of my Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion "village", which isn't my art but Tim Burton's, Disney's and George Lucas's (at one point; see below) who are way the hell better artists than I am.  So you'll probably have more fun looking at those. Okay, the art I made today wasn't that terrible, but I had to really hustle with the colouring because it was getting late and that's what looks pretty bad. But it's a good kind of bad because you can laugh at it right up there with a B-rated horror movie.  Oopsy! Got to be careful not to boast. Can't get too carried away now, can I?

Anyway, enjoy the photos. Let me know what you think in the comments' box.


The the giant abominable wampa* attacks the graveyard.
Until next time and, if some of you don't make it back here until the New Year because we all know how busy this time of year can be . . .

Happy Hallow-days!

The Haunted Mansion is the registered trademark of the Disney Company.
The Nightmare Before Christmas story and characters are copyright of Tim Burton/Disney.
* Copyright, Lucasfilm Ltd.

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