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Monday, April 1, 2013

The April "Fool's Illusion" Sweepstakes

Joker's Wild
Photo Credit: SSGT Roach Photographer/Wikimedia Commons

It's April Fool's Day, and there's no better time to hold a giveaway for my upcoming book, The Fool's Illusion! Read on to find out how you can win a free Fool's Illusion collector's set which will consist of two full colour Fool's Illusion book marks, one full colour poster of The Fool's Illusion book cover, and, best of all, one print copy of The Fool's Illusion short story collection itself signed by the author himself!

Qualifications, Rules, Conditions and Deadline
To participate post a one to two paragraph story of your best, funniest or weirdest April Fool's prank either played on you or that you played on somebody else. You are asked to post text only; no images please. One story per participant only. Please post your stories in the comments box below. You do not need to provide your full or real name, but please do not post as "Anonymous" since it may cause problems in identifying the winner. Deadline to post is 11:59 PM, Friday 5 April 2013 Pacific Standard Time. The contest is restricted to continental U.S. users for reasons of budgetary constraints on shipping and handling of the prize. However, users outside the continental U.S. may post April Fool's prank stories for fun but they will not be considered as potential winners. Family/relatives of contest sponsor (yours truly) are disqualified from participating due to potential favouritism issues. However, as with users outside the continental U.S., they may post stories for fun but will not be considered pontential winners. Contest sponsor has the right to remove any entry he deems unsafe or that infringes on other people's rights.

Procedure for Selecting Winning Entry
One winner will be selected based on the story that the contest sponsor likes best. The winner will be announced by 11:59 PM, Monday 8 April 2013 PST here at the Far Out Fantastic Site. When announced, winner will be given three (3) days to respond and provide his/her email address and postal mailing address at the email contact they will be provided with. Winner's email and postal mailing addresses will be used for purpose of delivering the prize only (to be delivered either by U.S. Postal Service or UPS); they will not be shared with anybody, including any third party sites. If the winner does not respond within the time frame stated above or it is discovered that the winner did not play by the above mentioned rules and/or conditions, an alternative winner will be selected and the prize will go to the alternative winner instead. The alternative winning entry will be based on the story the contest sponsor selects as second best.

This contest and its prize are for real; no fooling!

May the best entry win.

Until next week . . .

--Steven Rose, Jr.

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