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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cast Your Vote, Matey!

For the ones who voted on the title lettering for my short story collection cover, The Fool's Illusion, I'd like to say thanks.  And for those who haven't voted yet, you have roughly 21 minutes from the time of the writing of this post to vote.  So vote!  How many traditional authors who publish through traditional big name publishing houses let their readers vote on how a book cover should be designed (lettering or otherwise)?  Not many at all.  The great thing about being an indie author who self-publishes is that he/she is free to let their readers participate in the creation process.  And so I'm allowing you to do that in the case of this book. Please take advantage of it.

I'll talk about the results of the poll next week and may have a movie review of a rare sci fi horror film too.  Speaking about movies, if you haven't seen Hunger Games yet don't feel bad. Neither have I.  I just haven't had the time to hit the theatre this weekend.  I've been trying to catch up with a computer sci course that I'm taking (which I'm just now catching up with).  But I've been hearing some good things about the movie.  I was hoping to read at least the first book of the young adult series that it's based on but my reading stack has been almost literally over my head.  I think it's so neat though that they are promoting sci fi for young readers.  They've been doing it a lot with fantasy for the past five years which initiated with the Harry Potter series, but they need to do it a lot more with science fiction which they're beginning too. 

Not to say fantasy should be bumbed off; by no means!  Both are great genres for young audiences (as well as older ones) since they inspire the imagination and add wonder to a person's life.  Isn't that what being young is all about?  A sense of wonder, all possibilities? Some of those possibilities may be dark but then that's where horror and dark fantasy come in.  Those two give you a peek into the underworld where you should not set foot otherwise because to do so can bring some very nasty results.

Anyway I hope to see more votes when I return next week. If not, well on with the show (book in this case) anyway. 

Until next week . . .

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