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Game for My Novella; Horror Comic Review; Lightning News Flashes

Halloween’s come and gone again, but the horror and fun haven’t ended. Now we’re in the month of NaNoWriMo in which I’ve been working on my novella for. Also, there’s upcoming horror films and comics. That said, in this post I have a comic book review for you and Lightning News Flashes  covering a sci fi horror movie and the state of science fiction short stories.

Working on My Novella for NaNoWriMo  For NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I’ve been revising my sci fi horror novella that I wrote during the NaNoWriMo of a few years back. I kind of put it on hiatus back in October to concentrate on promoting the print edition of “The Boo Brothers”, now available at Amazon, and the Halloween book sale which I hope you had a chance to check out before it ended. So now it’s back to revising the novella, which so far I’ve titled Invasion of the Avatars.

I just finished writing out the details of the game for Avatars. No, there’s not going to be a game based on it (not any time soon at…

Generic Verb Vs. Brand Verb

It’s time for another Insecure Writers Support Group (IWSG) post! Every first Wednesday of the month we writers bring our writing challenges and problems out into the open to share with each other and try to come up with solutions.

The IWSG question of the month is "What's the strangest thing you've ever googled in researching a story?" Before I answer that question, I'm going to make a change in the wording of it but the meaning will be essentially the same. So, to rephrase the question: What's the strangest thing you've ever discovered in researching a story on the Internet?

The reason I rephrased the question was because I try not use brand names for verbs like I try not to use them as nouns to refer to a general product. For example, Google is a brand of a search engine, it is not all search engines or just any search engine. This proper noun of a brand name has been casually used as a verb that means to do an internet search. It's similar to usi…

Free Sci Fi Horror Tale for Day of the Dead!

I hope you all had a groovy Halloween! I did. But now I'd like to wish you all a Happy Day of the Dead! So did you think all the spirits and dead things end with with October? Well, think again! Day of the Dead, a holiday originating in Mexico and with both indigenous and European roots is celebrated for our deceased loved ones on this day and throughout the month of November. Like the Irish brought their Halloween with them here to the U.S., Day of the Dead came with the Mexican culture in this country. To find out more about this hallowday and its similarities to as well as differences from Halloween, see last week's special Halloween post! I have a segment on there from an even earlier blog post that talks about these two festivals.

As a Dead Day gift to all of you, I'd like to present a free copy here at the Fantastic Site of my short sci fi horror story that commemorates the hallowday. I apologise for any formatting that may be off course. For some mysterious reason i…

Bag of Halloween Reads: ‘Boo Brothers’ Paperback, BOOk-To-Movie & More

I apologise for missing last weekend, especially since it was the third weekend of the month when we normally would have our Book-To-Movie here. However, things were a bit busier than normal and I wanted to give you a really good Book-To-Movie for this month of Halloween. So I decided to include it in this special Halloween post! That said, we have tonight, of course, our Book-To-Movie in which this one reviews the movie adaptation of three Edgar Allen Poe short horror tales. I’ve also included revised segments from the Halloween blog post back from 2014. One segment talks about the early stages on writing the title story to “Boo Brothers”. (Don’t worry, even way back then I made sure not to create any spoilers!) From that same post, I’ve also included an updated book list of Halloween reads and an updated write-up on Day of the Dead. But before we look at these, let me present to you the long-awaited release of “The Boo Brothers” paperback!

“The Boo Brothers” Print Edition Now Avail…

'Boo Brothers' Paperback Update; Bela Lugosi's Dracula Goes To Comics

I have the latest update for the upcoming release of the paperback edition of my book of YA horror, "The Boo Brothers", and a Lightning News Flash of a new Dracula graphic novel starring Bela Lugosi! “What?” you say. How can the long-dead actor of the famous Universal undead vampire play a role in a comic book? Read on to find out!

‘Boo Brothers’ Paperback I had my manuscript for the paperback edition of "Boo Brothers", my book of two short YA horror stories, formatted and uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) during the week. I also uploaded the cover and reviewed the book on the website with the online previewer that allows a person to see what his/her work would look like in its final product form. And mine all looks good. Now I just have to price it and then have Amazon approve it as meeting their guidelines. I can't say for sure right now, but I may just price it at a discount off the market price (which I have not decided on yet) as a special Hallow…

Outsourcing My Halloween Paperback

Well, October is already here and before we know it Halloween will be here! That’s why I’ve decided to forget the formatting to the paperback version of my YA Halloween horror book, “The Boo Brothers”, and pass on that part of the project to someone else. I’m hiring a book designer.

I create stories. I do not design books. I have designed books before but that is not my primary skill or passion. I’m a teller of stories not a designer of their media. I’m a writer and an artist. My job is to write stories and illustrate them. So, besides writing the books, I’ll make the covers for them, and I’ll promote and market them since doing so involves storytelling of a sort. When you market and promote a book you need to describe the book whether in writing or in speech.

For the past two weeks, and I indicated this in the IWSG post on Wednesday, I have been struggling and getting really frustrated working with the book manuscript format for the paperback version of “The Boo Brothers”. After nea…

Read to Write!

It’s time for another Insecure Writers Support Group (IWSG) post! Every first Wednesday of the month we writers bring our writing challenges and problems out into the open to share and try to come up with solutions and encouragement. In this IWSG post, I have my latest writing progress and an answer to the question of the month.

In the last couple weeks, I haven't  written a lot of new fiction. I've mostly been working on my weekly blog posts and as far as fiction goes I've mostly been doing editing and formatting. The formatting is really taking me out. I'm formatting my book of two short stories called "The Boo Brothers: Two Tales of Terror". I came out with the electronic version around this time last year. This year, I'm formatting for a paperback version that I'm planning to release for Halloween, though hopefully way before the 31st of the month. But I had to format it a second time because the files from the font that I used messed up. Then yo…

Lightning News Flashes: Stephen King; Joe Hill; New SF/F Writing Contest

This has been the perfect evening for Lightning News Flashes—earlier there was a lightning storm outside! So these news flashes should carry a lot of charge! Lightning News Flashes are news briefs of events in the world of science fiction and fantasy. Today we have Lightning News Flashes of Stephen King's New England mansion, his son Joe Hill's new horror comics imprint and a new British science fiction and fantasy writing award. But first some news about my book, “The Boo Brothers”.

‘Boo Brothers’ Paperback Update I’ve been working on the paperback version of my book of two short horror tales, "The Boo Brothers”, which includes the title story, and been having a hell of a time with the formatting. This has mostly been due to the Crimson font that I was using for the body text. I think there was a bug in the files for that font which I had downloaded from Squirrel Font, a website that offers free fonts. Overall, I've had good experience with Squirrel Fonts’ products,…