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Book-To-Movie: Poe’s ‘The Premature Burial’

Credit: I apologise for having skipped one more week than I had said in my last post . Last weekend a situation came up that held me back. That said, I also apologise for posting this Book-To-Movie so late in the month. For any of you who are new to my blog, the Book-To-Movie  normally occurs every third weekend, this month of February excepted. A Book-To-Movie is a review of a work of prose fiction and its movie adaptation. This month we are reviewing Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Premature Burial” and the Roger Corman movie adaptation of it, both of which intentionally plays with the borderline between reality and fantasy. Roger Corman was one of the most dedicated directors of Edgar Allan Poe movies in the 1960s as well as all time. Within a 10-year span, he produced nine movie adaptions of some of Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous works. Even though many of these movies went far from the original stories, Corman often did at least one thing that Poe did: use

The Number of Sci Fi and Fantasy Magazines At an All-Time High

Credit: Not only are sci fi and fantasy taking over television and movie theatres but, thanks to internet, there are more magazines in these two genres than ever. And their readership continues to grow. Science fiction author Jason Sanford reflects this rise in speculative fiction magazines and readership in his report, “The State of Genre Magazines” , published just before the new year. He says, “There are more SF/F magazines today than at any single time in the genre’s history.” However, he also points out that although the number of magazines and their readers have gone up the payment for most publishers’ staffs who put out the magazines hasn’t. They get little to no pay. He quotes Scott Andrews, editor-in-chief of speculative fiction magazine “Beneath Ceaseless Skies”, saying that the majority of the few that do get paid do so because the chief editors go without pay! Why Sci Fi and Fantasy Magazine Circulation Is So High But Revenue So Low So then why so ha

IWSG: Drawing Your Characters; Lightning News Flashes: New Poe Funko Pop

It’s time for another Insecure Writers Support Group (IWSG)  post! Every first Wednesday of the month we writers bring our writing challenges and problems out into the open to share with each other and try to come up with solutions. Plus, I have some Lightning News Flashes  for you, including news on a new Edgar Allen Poe Funko Pop figure! IWSG For this month’s IWSG, I’m going to start out by responding to the question of the month with a straight answer then respond with an inverted answer. You’ll see what I mean by the latter when we get to it. So, the question of the month: Has a single photo or work of art ever inspired a story? What was it and did you finish it? My first answer: I often don’t write stories based on photo graphs or works of art. Normally when I write my fiction it's based on ideas that randomly come to my mind inspired by specific experiences I’ll encounter or that others have encountered. I’ll record these inspirations as notes in my journal first th