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Quick TV Review: ‘The Man In the High Castle’

Intergalactic Expo wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been. But that was mostly due to me. I went to bed too late the night before and so was tired. But you know, even though I turned down purchasing table space there for my books, one of the organizers came up to me and said my space was reserved. I didn’t believe her until I walked over to a corner on the second floor of West Sacramento’s City Hall, where part of the con was held, and lo and behold! Taped to the wall was a paper sign with my name written in marker! Just the space, no table which I’m glad because I’m not paying for a table I didn’t give my consent on. I didn’t have any of my books with me to present, anyway. But it was really nice that the organizers considered me, so I give them credit for that. The Man In the High Castle : A Mini TV Review    Credit: For the first time in my life, I watched the very first episode of Amazon’s The Man In the High Castle a couple nights ago. It wa

History and Horror of Sci Fi, and the Return of Intergalactic Expo

Credit: It’s that time of year again for Intergalactic Expo , one of Sacramento’s biggest local sci fi cons. I was trying to rent table space there to sell my books but unfortunately it didn’t work out, mostly due to pricing and lack of space. Let alone lack of tables. I told the facilitators of the con that I would be willing to bring my own blanket and lay it out on the floor or lawn somewhere along with my merchandise like they do at middle eastern and North African bazaars but they said it would demean the con’s reputation. Good grief! It’s a sci fi con, anything should go! Well okay, almost anything. They can’t have real light saber duels or somebody could get hurt, not to mention that there probably isn’t a way to make real light sabers yet. So, Star Wars fans, you’ll have to settle for glass and plastic ones. I just thought my suggestion of the blanket would add to the exoticism of the con’s theme. So you won’t see me there. Or at least not as pr

Free Comic Book Day and ‘Circa’ Print Edition Update

Credit: This Saturday I have to find a way to squeese in my writing projects so I can celebrate Free Comic Book Day. So if you’re shocked to see this post out earlier than usual, that’s why. Taking Time Out for Free Comic Book Day Credit: Is an author being undisciplined by taking out valuable writing time to hit the comic book shops to celebrate a relatively new holiday like Free Comic Book Day (which debuted in 2002)? Not if comics influenced his/her writing. After all, comic books are a form of literature and while they are not a substitute for prose, they are still a form of story-telling paired with art making it one of the most distinctive forms of pop art of the 20 th century and beyond. This is a fact that is being accepted more each year since many of the most renowned science fiction and fantasy authors have written comic books along side their prose fiction. Some of these authors are ones such as Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood