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Finally, It's Here! The Third and Final Part To The Puppet Show!

Well, everybody, finally it's all taken care of. I finally got the software reinstalled that I needed along with some compatibility software that was required in order to post the final part to my short story. I know many of you waited for this for a long time, and I apologise for the long delay. But since I'm back on track pretty much, I'll have a new blog entry here each Wednesday again, occasionally others on additional days of the week. You may want to skim through the two earlier parts of the story, Parts I and II , so you can fit this final installment into context better and more easily. As I said, it's been a long time. Until next week . . . The Puppet Show (Part III) by Steven Rose, Jr. # The wind never came back. There was no moon nor any stars that night. None of the lights in Woodvale ever came on. While Manuel wandered blindly throughout the blackness of the town hoping to run into a relative or acquaintance (but never even running into a stranger),

In the Meantime . . .

Hey, everybody! Well I finally got my laptop back and it's working good as new. However, the techs who worked on it were not able to recover my MS Word and so I wasn't able to convert "The Puppet" show successfully. When I would try to open it up with Notepad or Wordpad it would open revealing alien characters--no, not alien characters as in sci fi story characters, alien characters as in unfamiliar code due to the file not being compatible enough. But do not fear, do not frown! I have software on its way that can fix the problem and therefore reinstall my MS Word. So I'll have part three of the story posted as soon as possible. So hang tight; don't let the bummer bugs bite! In the meantime . . . I saw Tron: the Legacy just before Christmas sometime. It was so out'a sight! I wasn't aware until I saw it that it wasn't a remake of but a sequel to the 1980s original. Unfortunately I didn't have time to look for a copy of the the o