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Why I Use British Spelling in My Writing

Last Tuesday evening we were going over a story of mine at my writers’ critique group. The other members had all kinds of great things to say about my story and gave me really helpful advice as usual. So I'm very grateful for their help. The exception was when two of these members criticised me for using British spelling. I’m not the least bit British, but I told them it was my preferred style of writing. They said they understood that but that my American audience would hate it. I told them I don't write for an American audience; I write for an English-speaking audience (meaning any readers who speak English regardless of country of origin or residence). And that's where I put my foot down and said that I personally believe U.K. English is the most correct form of English as far as standardisation goes because it originated in the British Isles and not in the United States. I said that there are many American authors who have used British English, authors such as Edgar All

How a Book Cover Illustration Can Market While Conveying Author’s Vision

Photo Credit: Daylight savings started last Sunday in my area and it took me nearly all week to adjust to the change in my sleep schedule. On top of that, I returned to a seasonal day job and so had to adjust to my new sleep schedule for that! It was a big pain in the ass since one night I did not sleep a single blink. So, every day last week I ended up having to go to bed earlier than usual just to catch up on missed rest. A couple of those days I went to bed before the sun was down! So you can say I was a semi-vampire those days. Because of that weird sleep schedule, I hardly got any writing done and much less book cover art for “Circa Sixty Years Dead”. In fact, I didn't get any of the book cover illustration done. So I'll have to further delay the cover reveal by another two weeks. I apologise. But my daylight savings insomnia isn’t the only reason for the further delay. You’ll be glad to know that the other reason is that I’m using one of you readers’ su

Writing for a Living Vs. Writing for a Passion

Photo Credit: I apologise, but I have to postpone the cover reveal to my horror short story by two weeks. It’s been a total burn-out week, mostly from writing--particularly from writing technical subject matter. So that’s held me back. I was so burned out one day that I hardly even wrote at all. I don’t just write imaginative, high-soaring fiction. I don’t even just write fiction. Many of us freelance writers are “forced” into writing for sources that we would prefer not to. Many of those sources are ones that require technical writing. That’s what I call writing for a living as opposed to writing for a passion. Generally speaking, there is rarely a job opening for a fiction writer, much less a fiction writer of a particular genre. There are very few ads that read “Science Fiction Writers Wanted” or “Horror Writers Wanted”, “Fantasy Writers Wanted”, “Thriller Writers Wanted”, etc. The establishment controlled by the corporate head honchos and even the head hon

Book Cover Concept Sketch for My Upcoming Horror Story

Despite the short blackout from this evening's storm, I just finished the concept sketch for the cover art to my book, "Circa Sixty Years Dead": Click on the image to see details. Photo Credit: Steven Rose, Jr. The statue on the pedestal in the picture is coming to life, or more like death if you prefer. Therefore it's a walking dead, or in this case a sitting dead. As you can see, it's based on Hindu myth and so its a sculpture of a six arm goddess, but, no, it's not Kali. I'm going to colour the statue gold since it's made of gold in my latest horror story. ("Circa" is actually a mix genre of horror, dark fantasy and even some adventure.) The statue is basically a tomb for the corpse that has been interred in it for thousands of years. A giant's corpse as you can see. So you might be thinking that my story is about something as corny as a giant zombie. Well, that's not quite what it's about. Story titles are not alwa