Sunday, March 6, 2016

Book Cover Concept Sketch for My Upcoming Horror Story

Despite the short blackout from this evening's storm, I just finished the concept sketch for the cover art to my book, "Circa Sixty Years Dead":

Pencil sketch of a six arm goddess statue with a partial skull face.
Click on the image to see details.
Photo Credit: Steven Rose, Jr.

The statue on the pedestal in the picture is coming to life, or more like death if you prefer. Therefore it's a walking dead, or in this case a sitting dead. As you can see, it's based on Hindu myth and so its a sculpture of a six arm goddess, but, no, it's not Kali. I'm going to colour the statue gold since it's made of gold in my latest horror story. ("Circa" is actually a mix genre of horror, dark fantasy and even some adventure.)

The statue is basically a tomb for the corpse that has been interred in it for thousands of years. A giant's corpse as you can see. So you might be thinking that my story is about something as corny as a giant zombie. Well, that's not quite what it's about. Story titles are not always literal and neither is book cover art. I will tell you what is literal in the story, though: the statue's size; it's more than 16 stories high. Now whether it does anything or not, you'll have to wait until "Circa" releases, which will be about two weeks from the writing of this post. The guy looking up at the sculpture is supposed to be holding an old Polaroid camera which is too hard to tell, I know. I drew this on a 5.5- by-8.5 inch paper pad, after all. Of course, the final sketch will be done on a much larger sheet.

I'll have a more specific idea for the book's release date next week. If you're that eagre to see what role this gargantuan statue plays in the story to the point where you don't want to shell out even just 99 cents to find out, then you can find out for free! That's because, as I mentioned last post, I'm giving  away copies of the book for free. But it's only for one day, its release day. The best way to be the first to get the news of "Circa"'s release date is to subscribe to my blog. You can do that in the Subscribe box toward the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.

Let me know what you think of the sketch. If you have any suggestions or questions then please leave them in the box below.

Until next time . . .

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