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Life, Rice and Ideas

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Anne Rice I told you that I would publish an article on Ridley Scott's newest films: Prometheus which releases in theatres later this year (I believe summer) and a second Blade Runner movie that's still in the planning stages. I apologise for not publishing the article yet. As is the case with many other writers, I got sidetracked with other projects. Well, I did do an article on Anne Rice's return to writing horror fiction. You can find it at Examiner .com. It is a little outdated in that the article mentions a live interview with Ms. Rice that was broadcasted over Google's YouTube channel the other day (the article was published a day or two before that). However, the video of the interview may still be posted on YouTube.  To tell you the truth, I didn't even get a chance to tune into it myself. But you'll also find all kinds of neat information on Anne Rice in the article. I also mentioned last time that I would talk

"Prometheus" and Fiction in Process

(Photo removed for reasons of copyright.) Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons This has been a week with a lot of online talk on Ridley Scott's current projects: Prometheus and a second Blade Runner movie. Prometheus is, what can best be called, a "prequel" to 1979's Alien , although there are some people out there who are not calling it a prequel or sequel. The reason for that is that the movie's storyline simply takes place in the same universe that Alien takes place in. There are no characters from any of the previous  Alien movies (as far as I understand), and that includes the monsters. I was watching the trailor to it yesterday, though, and it seems to be just as intense and as terrifying as the first film. The scenes in the trailor flash by successively and the soundtrack contains that screeching melody like that of the first movie. The movie is due to release this summer. I can hardly wait! I'm in the process of doing an article on the two

Up in the Air Deciding; Down on the Floor Laughing

Another busy week. I was all up in the air today almost about everything. I was so undecisive of what I was going to do on this Saturday. I asked myself, "Am I going to go join friends to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D and then write a review of it or am I going to go to a video gaming tournament instead so I can write a review on that? And if I decide to see Star Wars , at what theatre and what time will I go see it?" In asking these questions I factored in the financial situation. Well it all lead to backing out on both those plans (though I'll still consider Phantom Menace 3D for another time) but maybe for all unforeseen reasons as opposed to just financial ones: I discovered while searching for a story for my Social Networking column at the most hilarious, eccentric geeky show that I've ever seen. It's a web series called " Smosh ". Not even "Big Bang Theory" could make me laugh anywhere near as this series can. I s

The Museum, Fiction, and George Lucas

Photo Credit: Joi Ito/ It’s been a very busy week, mostly of writing articles for of which you can read the latest here . However, I have been working on my fiction more than ever. Not having a second job like I did a year ago allows for that. However, that may not be lasting very long. (I’m a seasonal worker for the state.)   I got the strangest story idea from the strangest situation that happened to me at the museum that I visited today on this Free Museum Day which occurs every year about this time here in Sacramento. The story idea came about by way of a photo of a celebrity that I was observing who’s name I prefer not to mention here.   Maybe you’ll find out who it was whenever I come around to writing and publishing the story which will probably be a dark supernatural tale and so that’s how strange the occurrence was. Anyway, I’ve been working on new fiction as well as my book of fiction that I’m planning to self-publish by spring o