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Latest on "Fool's Illusion" and Sacramento Sci Fi/Fantasy Events

 Credit:  Well I didn't announce the winner of the April Fool's Illusion contest because, as you can all see, there wasn't one. Nobody participated. Regardless of a chance to win a free copy of the book, nobody wanted to play. Yes, in order for the winner to receive a free print copy (along with accessories such as the bookmarks and poster) I would have needed his/her mailing address. However, I do understand that in this age of identity theft and computer hacking that many of us have a concern about sending out personal information even for things such as a contest prize. So we'll just let it go. But because you're all a good lot, I'll make it up to you in another the way. I'll probably make free digital copies of the book available for a limited time; that seems to work well with everybody when it comes to new book releases. And that's safe because it's done through Amazon w

April "Fool's Illusion" Sweepstakes Extended Deadline

Because of the lack of entries in The April Fool's Illusion Sweepstakes, yours truly is extending the entry deadline to 11:59 p.m., Sunday 14th April 2013 Pacific Standard Time . So now you have almost a whole week more to get your best April Fool's story in the comments box below for a chance to win a Fool's Illusion collector's set! That's a free print copy of my upcoming book, two fully coloured book marks, and a fully coloured poster. Who doesn't like free stuff? Take advantage of this chance to win these items. One of you may even end up being the first to own a copy of my new book! So you may be able to say to your friends, family and the later generations that you were the first in history (besides the author, of course) to own a copy of The Fool's Illusion ! Wouldn't that be just so out'a sight? For contest rules and other details, please see last week's post . The date for announcing the winner will be any time between Tuesday the 16th

The April "Fool's Illusion" Sweepstakes

Joker's Wild Photo Credit: SSGT Roach Photographer/Wikimedia Commons  It's April Fool's Day, and there's no better time to hold a giveaway for my upcoming book, The Fool's Illusion ! Read on to find out how you can win a free Fool's Illusion collector's set which will consist of two full colour Fool's Illusion book marks, one full colour poster of The Fool's Illusion book cover, and, best of all, one print copy of The Fool's Illusion short story collection itself signed by the author himself! Qualifications, Rules, Conditions and Deadline To participate post a one to two paragraph story of your best, funniest or weirdest April Fool's prank either played on you or that you played on somebody else. You are asked to post text only; no images please. One story per participant only. Please post your stories in the comments box below. You do not need to provide your full or real name, but please do not post as "Anonymous" s