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A Change in Font Types

About a year ago I held a poll for you readers to vote on the lettering for the title on the cover of   The Fool's Illusion . The candidates were Twisted Roman and '70s psychedelic. Twisted Roman won . I tried Twisted Roman in my final sketch for the book cover. Unfortunately, it's not going to work. As I said for the past two posts, I am not a graphic art expert. I am not very mechanical with my art and so, as you may have noticed in the previous post , the lettering on the cover is not very balanced. I could probably make a good font by my own hand if given the time. But I have several projects going. Plus I work a day job. I'm going to have to use a pre-designed font which so far I've been leaning toward leander (see below). Leander comes closest to the theme of my book of short fiction. It's a kind of faded style that goes with the idea of illusions in that many illusions are optical or are visual projections and so can easily fade away. But for those of

Sac-Con, the Fool's Facebook Page and Gaiman's Tweet Tales

Warning: This post may contain content or links to content considered to be obscene/objectionable by some viewers. A completed drawing of the cover to The Fool's Illusion . The final version will be digitally enhanced. Photo Credit: Steven Rose, Jr.  Another Sac-Con comic book and collectors' show is coming tomorrow (Sunday) here in Sacramento. I will be there and have book marks of The Fool's Illusion at the information table, so if you're in the area, please swing by and pick up a free book mark! It's at the Scottish Rite Center . Admission is only $6 a person (children 8 and under are free) and if you decide to go with the early bird special you can get in at 9 a.m. (regular start time is 10 a.m.) for $10 and receive a free Sac-Con bag !  Here's the link for more details: . I was going to make an addition to the book marks. The original copies I made for December's Movies On A Big Screen have the Far Out Fantast