Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Change in Font Types

About a year ago I held a poll for you readers to vote on the lettering for the title on the cover of  The Fool's Illusion. The candidates were Twisted Roman and '70s psychedelic. Twisted Roman won. I tried Twisted Roman in my final sketch for the book cover. Unfortunately, it's not going to work. As I said for the past two posts, I am not a graphic art expert. I am not very mechanical with my art and so, as you may have noticed in the previous post, the lettering on the cover is not very balanced. I could probably make a good font by my own hand if given the time. But I have several projects going. Plus I work a day job. I'm going to have to use a pre-designed font which so far I've been leaning toward leander (see below). Leander comes closest to the theme of my book of short fiction. It's a kind of faded style that goes with the idea of illusions in that many illusions are optical or are visual projections and so can easily fade away.

But for those of you that voted, please don't think your votes were wasted. They weren't. They helped me put my cover into a greater perspective and to decide what types of fonts would work and what types wouldn't. In other words, your votes and the resulting election were stepping stones to my final decision of what font to go with. And I thank you all greatly for them, regardless of what font you voted for.

I'm going to be very busy this week preparing my book for publication because, as you probably can see, I'm running very behind on it. What's really pushing me to get hussling on it though is that I'm scheduled to sell copies of it at a reading in Sacramento next month. I'll have the details for you next week.

Until then . . .

--Steven Rose, Jr.

Leander font for The Fool's Illusion book cover
Photo Credit: Steven Rose, Jr.

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