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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Art of Lettering, Illustration, and "Illusion"

I said several weeks ago that I would post the cover illustration for my book of short fiction that I plan to release in April. Well, I haven't got the cover illustration done yet because I haven't got the lettering for the book's title, The Fool's Illusion, on the illustration yet. But I do have two sketches of the letter design for the the title which are posted below. Take a look at them and then vote for your favorite at the poll provided in the top right margin. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to finish the lettering for the full title in the second sketch, but hopefully you'll have an idea for the style that I'm using on that one which is '70s psychedelic ("illusion" and "hallucination" come pretty close to being synonymous although they are not).

Just so you can fit the letter styles into context a little better, you can read about my upcoming book and an excerpt from the title story at

Vote soon because the poll is only up for a week from tonight/early this morning, PST!

Until next time . . .

I call this style "Twisted Roman".

"'70s Psychedelic" (Notice that I provided the vortexes in the first set of O's in both styles since the vortex goes with the theme of illusion and trickery of the mind.)


  1. I like the Twisted Roman better. It's easier to read. :)

  2. The serifs on the 70s one makes it a bit difficult to read. (And the open letter 'o's in 'fool' look like a pair of angry eyes.)

    At first glance I saw the Twisted Roman as saying 'Illuston', but I'm not certain how to fix that.