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Book cover depicting a six-armed goddess statue.

A short piece about a young archaeologist obsessed over an ancient goddess statue that holds a beautiful force but a terrifying fate.

The Fool's Illusion book cover depicting a jester about to saw a woman in half

Here is a collection of dark fantastic events and terrifying scientific phenomena. It contains stories of deadly creatures, including vampires and other undead things, and adventures into the unknown and terrible--tales that brew to the bursting point. This book will not fail to fool you with its terrifying visions of events that could be and ones that are impossible to be yet make a reader contemplate, "What if they weren't?"

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Books I've Contributed Stories To

Loud as a Whisper: An Anthology of short stories and other writings

Loud as a Whisper: An Anthology

Steven Rose's short story, "Spam", appears in this collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by members of the Writers, Independent Self-Publishing, Editorial Resource Guild. 

Book cover for an anthology of short stories and poems depicts a girl sitting under a tree reading a book.

Leafkin: Volume II
(Out of print)

Have you ever wondered if vampires can survive other types of water other than holy water? Well the one in the tale, "Strange Phenomena", can. In fact, it thrives in it . . . at the deepest, darkest depths of the Mediterranean! This science fiction-horror story by Steven Rose appeared for the first time in print in this 2010 anthology of short stories and poems by members of the Sylvanopolis Writers' Society. Unfortunately, the book is no longer in print. But you can catch the story in Steven's most recent collection, The Fool's Illusion!