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I'm Not Stephen King or Neil Gaiman

A very busy two weeks. Sorry for putting the posts on hold for so long. I had to live my alter ego in the "real" world to make ends meet. That's a freelance writer's life. Unless you're somebody already well known, like Stephen King or Neil Gaiman, you have to rely on more "practical" forms of writing such as journalism or copywriting in order to support yourself. This is especially so if you're trying to avoid a "day" job, but that's not always feasible for most of us. Because of this, I have to put the short story collection on hold as well. But not for long! I'm in the revision process of the introduction and will be doing some last proofreads on some of my stories from more than a year ago that I'm including. Like all living things, a writer grows and learns. And so if I can improve older stories that I plan to publish then I'll do it. So expect to see The Fool's Illusion out in the next week or two. Speaking abou

A New Book and a New Look for a New Year

It's a new year and a new year calls for a new template and background for a blog. I was looking through what seemed like hundreds of templates and I'll be be looking through hundreds more before I select one because I am very choosy about my blog's appearance. But you'll see a new look in the next week or two, maybe even three. Speaking about a new year, as late as I'm running with my book, The Fool's Illusion ,   it's a great time to put out a new book. I'm coming near to the composing of it. The stories are written, I just have to get them together in one manuscript. I'm presently working on the introduction. If you want a pre-introduction , if you will, you can read one with a free excerpt of the title story at HorrorAddicts .net .  That will give you the perfect sneak peek to the book. If you want even more of a sneak peek, go to my other posts here at the Fantastic site for two whole, free stories--" The Puppet Show " and " The