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Invoking the Music for Your Writing

Photo Credit: While I was writing a story a couple weeks ago I tried what many authors do while they write which is playing music in the background. Writers such as Steven King and Christopher Adam have said they have played music to support the quality of their writing. It's been said that Harlan Ellison has done the same. Playing music as you write can enhance creativity and increase motivation. Music is inspiring and so it fuels the imagination. When you listen to music (music videos excluded) the mind is forced to imagine what is going on in the song.  It shouldn't be surprising that the word music comes from  muse  which were goddesses in Greek mythology believed to inspire artists' and writers' work, especially great epics such as Homer's Odyssey . Writing coach Lauren Sapala says on her blog  that "Music triggers an emotional response in the human brain. Because of this involuntary response, it’s much easier to let down our guar