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Sorry, Another Delay

I apologize everybody, but there is going to be another delay in the posting of my short story. My computer somehow contracted a virus and so it's at the mad computer doctor being worked on. I hope to have her back by the end of this week or early next week (realistically speaking). I hope you all have been having a great time during these holidays, and if I don't get my computer back until next year (don't be alarmed because, remember, next year is only in a few days!) then I wish you a Happy New Year now! Using the public library's computer doesn't give me much time to do my normal work on my blog, so it may be a few days before you hear back from me. Take care!

A Holiday Gift, Part II

I want to apologize once again for this late posting of the second part to my story. It was supposed to have posted yesterday on top of already posting late. I actually did set it to post and the program indicated that it was up on the blog displaying to the public. However, as I said, I've been having problems with my laptop. But I think the real problem may be with extra online traffic due to holiday online shoppers. And I don't blame anybody who shops online when you can buy things at much lower prices than in the actual stores; the recession may be declining but, unfortunately, many of us are still feeling the after effects of it. Hopefully that will all change soon. Hope is an essential theme this time of year and so that's what we have to remember to do, is hope for the best. But here is part two of my short story, "The Puppet Show". The final part will come next week, and unless there will be a problem with New Year's Eve online traffic or such

A Short Delay

Hello, everybody. This will be a very short blog entry and, no, I haven't forgotten about the second part to "The Puppet" show. (If you missed part one you can see it at this link here .) I'm sorry, but I've been delayed all day today by technical errors on both my computers (desktop and laptop). It's really taken me out; you don't want to have seen what kind of mood I've been in today. I will have part two of "The Puppet Show" posted tomorrow afternoon (which, theoretically, is later on today since it's long past the witching hour, and so it's 2:44 Thursday morning as I write this). Once again, my apologies greatly.

A Holiday Gift To You, Part I

For the next two to three weeks I will be posting one of my short stories. Although it is a short story, it may be considered long for some of you readers especially if you won't think I'm the greatest fiction writer, let alone science fiction/fantasy writer, you've ever read. This is a blog post and so typically blog posts are short, or if not short, not long. So I'm posting segments of the following story, one segment a week for the next two to three weeks. Although this is not a Christmas/Holiday story, I chose to post it in particular because it has some themes that may be said to go with Christmas, particular toys which the title implies. Plus there's a little bit of a fairy tale theme to it which holiday stories such as the Nut Cracker fall under. There's even a little bit of a package scene; see if you can find it and consider it my Christmas/Holiday gift to you guys and gals. In fact, consider the whole story my Holiday gift to you; you get it fo

War Games Are Not Wars

Last week’s Sacramento News and Review contains an article about a war protest that occurred a couple weekends ago at the Sacramento Central Library. But it wasn’t so much a protest against a real war than it was a war game. The article states that the activist groups Veterans for Peace and Grandmothers for Peace protested the video gaming event Nerd Fest’s Call of Duty tournament. According to the article, the protesters felt that Call of Duty was encouraging war and violence. But the game has an M (“Mature”) rating and so is limited to the 17 and older crowd in its sales and at its tournaments such as Nerd Fest’s, as the article indicates. That, at least to an extent, solves the problem of influence on minors. However, according to SN&R , what the protesters were really speaking against was the library, a place of educational and intellectual activity, promoting the game and in so doing promoting war and violence. Therefore they were saying that the tournament

A Russian('s) Experiment

I'm not sure how successful this would work in the U.S. It would probably be more successful than in Russia because of the more Internet access we have here. It didn't surprise me when the blogger of this article said that there was a very small percentage of Internet accessibility in Russia, since I dated a Russian girl who was very limited in her emails to me. Yes, we cyber dated! It didn't last too long though, but that's another story that I don't need to get into. Let me know what you think of this e-book experiment discussed in this article .