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A "Halloween Haunting"

Here's a " Haunting " contest going on at this site celebrating the fall festive spirit!

Movie Review of Deadline

Yours Truly has just returned from a Steampunk Halloween party in Old Town Sacramento and has just washed the ghoul face right off of his own face. Wait a minute, I already have a ghoul's face. Well, no, not quite; more of a freek's face. I didn't misspell "freek". "Freek" is what I call a geek and freak in one; and so People like me can have the best of both worlds (as well as many others too)! Well if you really want to freak out this Halloween, then read on to the following movie review! There’s been many horror films about houses haunted by the ghosts of murder victims that lead the living to their murderer, but Deadline has a little bit of a different take on this subgenre. In director Sean McConville’s movie, the murderer is revealed slowly but surely through video tapes that a screenwriter (Brittany Murphy) finds stashed away in the attic of an old Victorian house that she is staying in. This is done with some help of the murder

My Art Work

Here's some Hallowday artwork of mine, as well as one year round one (the Jolly Roger Flag in Space!). I'll try to post some more soon.

Movie Review: "District 9"

I watched director Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 on DVD last month and was not disappointed. It was very upsetting in many parts, yet because of that these parts contributed to the movie’s realistic view of social injustice. The characterization was well rounded and supported by good acting. The plot held up and moved along well. The movie was filmed in a style similar to that of Cloverfield —news footage realism. The difference between these two films is that while Cloverfield is in the style of a homemade movie, District 9 is in the style of a professional news report/documentary. It’s a style comparable to that of Orson Well’s radio production of War of the Worlds which was done so realistically the masses tuning into it late thought it real live news coverage. The movie begins with interviews that ask both experts and common people their opinions about an alien race referred to by the derogatory name, “Pawns”. Nearly all the opinions are bad, many of them racially stere