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The Return of the Drag-On

Hey, everybody! I apologise for the long hiatus and that it came so unexpectedly. I've been very busy with writing projects and bringing the income in my house as well as medical issues in the family. Things are leveling out though. So I hope to post at least once a week although it may not always be so fancy like today. If you want to catch up on my writing projects, please feel free to visit the links below. I'm writing under a new additional column at It's the Social Networking Examiner's column for the Sacramento area . I just started so you won't see a whole lot there, but there will be more coming soon enough. In the mean time, you'll find a lot of my articles under the Sci-Fi Examiner column, so you might find some interesting stuff going on there. I hope all of you had a great holiday season, including the Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon. I love dragons as well as Chinese culture so much I just had to go out to a Chinese buffe