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‘Color Out of Space’ Coming to DVD/Blu-ray Sooner Than You Think

Credit: As you may know from an earlier post , I have been ready for Richard Stanley’s movie “Color Out of Space” for over two months. I was checking Fandango since Wednesday to see the showtimes for this movie adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, which goes by the slightly longer title of “The Colour Out of Space”, for my area. Well, it was only showing at two theaters here in Sacramento in which both only had evening showings and were too far for me to drive especially that late on a Wednesday (two days before the official release date). After Wednesday, it played nowhere in the Sacramento area. By then, the theatre that it was playing at closest to my area was in Berkeley which is about an hour away by car and an hour and a half by train. I don’t drive long distance and I wasn’t about to head out on a train for a movie that doesn’t even run two hours long. So “Color Out of Space” is one of those movies that play only in select areas and so may not be coming

Book-To-Movie Review: Jules Verne’s ‘Master of the World’

Credit: It’s the third weekend of the month and so it’s time for another Book-To-Movie review! In a Book-To-Movie, we review a work of prose fiction and its movie adaptation. In the 1960s, American International Pictures (AIP) was the company responsible for producing and distributing many B, or low budget, sci fi and horror book-to-movie adaptations. Most of the literary works that were adapted were by Edgar Allen Poe but a few were by other authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and Jules Verne. While many of these movies didn’t stay as faithful to the books as many avid readers would probably have liked, they usually kept the basic plots. This is the case with 1961’s “Master of the World” based on Jules Verne’s 1904 novel of the same name and starring Vincent Price. This movie glosses over the novel’s story yet keeps the filming style that is distinctive of AIP’s many other films, especially those that star Price. ( Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.) The Book

How My Writing Journey Began: From Humour To Sci Fi and Fantasy

It’s time for another Insecure Writers Support Group (IWSG)  post! Every first Wednesday of the month we writers bring our writing challenges and problems out into the open to share with each other and try to come up with solutions. This month has been an exception to the schedule because the first Wednesday was New Year’s Day and so many of us were still trying to get through the busy-ness of the holiday season. Speaking of that, I hope all of you had a good one. Mine was fantastic! The IWSG question of the month:  What started you on your writing journey? Was it a particular book, movie, story, or series? Was it a teacher/coach/spouse/friend/parent? Did you just "know" suddenly you wanted to write? I would have to say my writing journey started in the 5th grade. I really got into the creative writing assignments our teacher would give us. I particularly loved writing comical stories which the class laughed over and applauded after each one was read. By the 6th grad

5 Sci Fi & Fantasy Movie Adaptations of Books in 2020 Look Awesome

Credit: I hope everybody had a great holiday season and is getting a good start to this new year of 2020! While the 21st century has shown a rise in the acceptance of fantasy and science fiction into mainstream culture, the past decade has particularly shown a rise in TV and movie adaptations of books in these genres. I’m not really big on TV adaptations of books and so can’t say a lot at this time about any that may be coming during this year of 2020. However, since I’m much more into watching big screen movies and reading, I can say that the new year has lined up five sci fi and fantasy book-to-film adaptations which all look really awesome! Okay, I’m speaking a bit hypocritically. I haven’t actually read any of the books these five films are based on. Still, the plots look super and worthy of the big screen. So, that gives me at least three new year’s resolutions to put on my list: 1) read the book to each of these movies; 2) see the movies; 3) do a Book-To-Movie