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A Little More About Zombies . . .

Last time I talked a little about zombies. Well, this time I'm going to talk a little about zombies again, and I do mean only a little. Just a while ago I finally opened up my S.L.U.G. Zombie that I bought at Wal-greens a few weeks back. S.L.U.G. Zombies is a series of plastic zombie figures by Jakks Pacific in which each has a name and comes in a "Mystery Pack". So far there are eight different figures. The one I got was Brain Eatin' Brandon. I have a couple photos of it on my voodoo doll Pin terest board: one I call a "Teenage Zombie from Outer Space" and so depicted with a "flying saucer" and the other depicted standing next to its coffin. I'm starting a small zombie figure collection, kind of inevitably. I'll try to provide photos or links to them of the other figures like I have this evening next time. I'll also try to have at least a concept sketch of the book cover illustration to my short fiction collection that will be rele

The Great Zombie and Vampire Invasion

I hope you all got a chance to read my interview with Jeani Rector at Examiner .com.  It's a two part article where she talks about her career as both horror writer and editor of the online literary publication, The Horror Zine.  If you haven't had a chance to read it, please do so.  She's a really interesting woman with a lot of great insight and tips on writing horror and other areas of the dark fiction genre. In that interview, Jeani advises aspiring writers to stay away from the zombie and vampire trends Perhaps they are just a little over used in horror. However, they've always played a big role in dark fiction especially in film but vampires have played more of a role in literature than zombies.  But zombies are appearing more in today's literature.  As far as vampires go, the peak in their popularity is due to the Twilight books and films (the books being much too over rated since they are said to be poorly written) having been so successful in sales. Becau

Horror Hostess of Dark Literature

Horror author and editor, Jeani Rector Photo Credit: Jeani Rector Sorry I missed you people last week. I was a little more busy than usual it being the Easter weekend and all that. Unfortunately I haven't gotten a chance to finish my cover for my short story collection. I'm just barely getting to the final concept sketch. I'll probably post that here by next week if I haven't finished the final product yet. I have parts  one and  two of an interview out at with a really neat author from my home area of Sacramento, California. Her name is Jeani Rector. She writes horror and is the editor of an online horror fiction magazine, The Horror Zine .  The zine is world known and contains stories by both new and established writers.  And it's all for free! Therefore no subscription required. I like to think of Ms. Rector as the "Elvira" of horror literature. The only difference between Jeani and Elvira other than the media they specializ

Poll Results and Sneak Peek of "The Fool's Illusion"

Warning:  This post may contain content or links to content considered to be obscene by some viewers. Hello, everybody! At the poll for the lettering style for my upcoming short fiction collection, The Fool's Illusion , it looks like "Twisted Roman" won by 4 to 0 votes!  So "Twisted Roman" style it will be for the title on the cover.  "Twisted Roman" style lettering for The Fool's Illusion book cover title Thank you all for voting.  It helps me determine which will be the more efficient lettering style for you readers and lovers of books out there.  I don't want to just make myself happy with massive sales, but I want to make you readers (and you know who you are) happy with your reading experience and that includes the cover of the book when and if (which I hope many of you will!) you select my book to purchase.  Do you want an idea of what my book will cover (e.g. themes, genres and subgenres)?  Then the links below may inter