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Harlan Ellison: 1934 – 2018

Credit: Wikipedia I apologise for not posting in the last two weeks. I’ve been very busy, including attending a wedding last weekend. The weekend before that I attended Sinister Creature Con. I believe I said on my Facebook page that there would be a post about it here this weekend, but there’s been a change of plans. That change came when I found out that another one of my favourite science fiction and fantasy writers, Harlan Ellison, passed away in his sleep this Thursday. In the Presence of One of the Greatest Science Fiction Writers I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ellison at the Los Angeles World Con back in 2006. I was hoping he would be at World Con in San Jose this year but it looks like that’s not going to happen. I was going through my Facebook feed inside the Taco Bell near my house when I learned the shocking news from a post announcing that he died. One of those days I fear most for great authors of speculative fiction, especially ones who ar

Sci Fi Summer Reading List for 2018

Dive Into Some Good Sci Fi Summer Reading! Credit: You’ll soon open your front door to what feel’s like a gust of dragon’s breath. But they’re actually rays from space. No, not a U.F.O.’s rays but our own sun’s. It’s that time of year again when a lot of us want to hit the pools, beaches or AC’d movie theatres. But sometimes you may want something to read in between those laps or rounds of surfing the waves as you lie back to dry off from that chlorinated or naturally salted water. Or when you’re in town with two hours to kill before the showing of that sci fi blockbuster. So during in-between times like these, why not utilise the wait by reading a best-selling or should-be best-selling sci fi book? But you maybe feel like you’ve read everything you wanted to. Well, i f you’re wondering what to read this summer in science fiction, maybe the list below of what I plan to read will help get you started. And if you can add to it, please do in the comments box below.

Coming This Summer: WorldCon 76 and Elections—for Hugos

Credit: California’s primary elections are this Tuesday but the voting doesn’t stop there in my home state. In fact, it doesn’t even stop with California. No, I’m not talking about the other states’ elections or the national elections in November. I’m talking about the elections for the Hugo Awards! The Hugo Awards are taking votes from now until the end of July and the winners will be presented their awards at WorldCon 76 in San Jose, California. As much as I’m “next door” to the location of this world science fiction convention (I live in Sacramento) I found out about it only a couple of days ago. And it’s this August 16 through 20! So if you’re interested in attending, I suggest you get your tickets and accommodations fast. Nearby hotels are already booked! What makes this con so big is that it presents the Hugo Awards which many world famous science fiction and fantasy authors and artists have been awarded. If you register for WorldCon ,   you may b