Sunday, November 4, 2012

Titling Stories and Pages

I've been working on a Facebook page that will be devoted to my fiction, articles and the artwork relating to the two. An example of this last one is my cover illustration for my book of short stories, which I'm still working on slowly but surely. There have  been so many other writing projects that I've had to take care of as higher priorties due to financial reasons.

Posting content on one's own FB page isn't a problem. A problem is selecting a title and user name for the page. I was jotting down possible names for at least an hour last night trying to figure out which would best represent the page and its host. Strangely, I don't have that problem titling stories whether fiction or non fiction. Maybe I know my stories better than I know myself. And they say space is the final frontier! Ha! I sometimes think it's we humans ourselves that are. Just look at what we've invented and created in technology and art since the dawn of time and at what we're still continuing to invent and create. Thirty years ago the average person never would have thought that we could communicate in numerous ways by one simple looking handheld device! And now there's technologists who are coming up with ways for hendheld computers to bring up information and images based on the immediate environment the user is in!

Can anybody believe that George Lucas has sold his Star Wars franchise along with the rest of his company to Disney? It makes sense in a way since he had already allowed Disney the rights to use Star Wars for the Star Tours attraction. But Lucas, who has always been so set on doing his Star Wars movies in his way, selling it to Disney? Personally, I haven't seen Disney keeping very faithful to its founder, Walt Disney himself, in many of its productions (though there are some that they make that do reflect Walt Disney's style, more or less, but they've seem to be more rare since the mid '80s).  If you want more thoughts on this big move with Lucasfilm, please take a look at my article at

I'll be sure to let you know here when my Facebook page is up. (I'm hoping that will be within the next week.)

Until next time . . .