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The Evolving of a Fiction Genre’s Meaning

About a week ago, I was reading a blog article about the thriller and horror genres mixing together in novels. The article is by a David (he doesn’t give his last name) on his blog, “ David’s Library ”, and you can read it here for yourself if you’d like. Even though some of the books he reviews seem to be more escapist in their style, they have some good storylines and look like they contain elements of the dark fantasy genre as well. I left him a comment saying that it was funny how the meaning of the word “thriller” has changed ever since the late 1980s/early ‘90s. You can see my comment in the comments section of the article . It will be under the name Steven R. The word “thriller” used to refer to horror films and TV shows. Back in the ‘80s if you opened an issue of TV Guide you would find listings of movies and TV shows along with their genre category. For example, in one entry you would see the title of a movie and then right next to it would be it’s genre such

So Great for Authors to Live in the Information Age

When I read horror author Chris Ringler's article on Horror's blog site I was reminded just how out'a site it is to live in the Information Age! When I read one of the users' comments to Ringler's article, I was reminded about how important of a role Internet helped launch my writing career. It's all at the link below.

Have Any of these Monsters From Literature Invaded Your Dreams?

The title of this article seemed intriguing to me. I thought I would just pose a question based on it: would you say any of these monsters gave you nightmares whatever medium you're familiar with them in (e.g. book, film, TV). Mine was Frankenstein 's Monster. Although I hadn't read the book yet, when I was nine I had a nightmare where Victor Frankenstein's monster was getting ready to shoot me with two pistols! I have always been fascinated with the Monster, and so at that time I was familiar with the character in popular media such as movies and TV. What actually inspired that dream was a television sitcom of that time based on the Frankenstein's Monster character. The series didn't run long. Honestly, I don't remember the name of it. But the monster didn't look so much monstrous looking as he did simply a huge ugly old man. But at nine when you have such an ugly old man chasing you down with two pistolas in your dreams that can be pretty da

An Article Great For Getting Started In Publishing Through Kindle

With all this talk about publishing through Amazon, especially through Kindle readers , I thought Sylvanopolis Society would like this article. Hopefully they'll come out with an article on Print-On-Demand, since that's what I plan to emphasize in the publishing of my work; although I feel that Kindle is a really great way to promote one's work before it goes into print. I hope you fellow writers find this article helpful.