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Excerpt of "Fool's Illusion" Read at WesterCon 66

Warning:  This post may contain content or links to content considered to be obscene/objectionable by some viewers. I attended WesterCon 66 the entire weekend (save for July 4th). I read an excerpt from Fool's Illusion ( FI ) there and everybody seemed to enjoy it. I've been very busy both with the con and the formatting of the book which is coming along with progress each day and so will be ready for release any day now. It just so happened that one of my back tires to my Chevy Classic got a flat over night (the night before the 4th). So it's put me in a time crunch with the book since I've been out of a car since the 4th of July. I had to take an extra bus and walk extra in order to get around. You can read more details about FI and my reading at the book's Facebook page . I'll have more on WesterCon next time. Until next time . . .