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Movie Review of Avatar, Special Edition

I confess that I never had seen Avatar when it first released almost a year ago in theaters. I also confess that I never saw it when it released on DVD about two or three months ago. The reason I hadn’t seen it on DVD: I was waiting for it to make a comeback to the big screen so I could see it in that form first. In which it did, and better yet, one of its theaters that it has been showing in has been the IMAX theaters. However, it came back as a special edition, and so a director’s cut, which I didn’t mind so much (although I go more for original release editions). The movie has been the best in science fiction since the first Star Wars movie back in 1977. Speaking about that, the movie is Star Wars , Star Trek, The Matrix , and even the 1980s’ Enemy Mine in one. The defense for the Na’vi people of the moon Pandora allied with the environmentally concerned Earthlings is reminiscent to the battle on Endor in 1984’s Return of the Jedi . Yet, the movie's plo