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Are the Events That Inspired ‘Stranger Things’ Copyrighted?

Credit: I saw Ready Player One last Sunday and it was a real trip! I know, I said I would have a review of it for you this week, but I decided to postpone it because I felt that something else was more important. It’s concerning the infringement lawsuit filed against the Duffer brothers, creators of the Netflix series Stranger Things . Filmmaker Charlie Kessler filed a lawsuit against the Duffer brothers claiming that they stole his idea for his short film, “The Montauk Project”, to make Stranger Things . But the Duffers’ lawyer said the brothers never saw Kessler’s film or talked about any projects with him. There are some similarities between it and Stranger Things . Stranger Things is centered around a teenage boy who goes missing in connection with a military laboratory, the top secret experiments performed there and strange phenomenal activity. In “The Montauk Project”, according to the Los Angeles Times , a boy also goes missing after he approaches

Book-To-Movie: “The House With a Clock In Its Walls”

Credit: In this age of Harry Potter, when the YA novel rules, especially in the fantasy and sci fi genres, and when Hollywood exploits the opportunity to adapt it, it should be no surprise that another movie based on a young readers’ book will be coming to theatres soon. This one is called The House With a Clock In Its Walls . The book, by John Bellairs, was published in 1973 . However, not until now has a full-length feature film been in the works. The thing that came closest to a movie version of this, unfortunately, little-known novel was a short film which was actually a segment of a late ‘70s made-for-TV Halloween special, Once Upon a Midnight Scary , hosted by Vincent Price . But the book has too much in it to tell the full story in only a less-than-half-hour segment of a one-hour TV special . So it will be very interesting to see how this movie plays out the whole story. Also, there will be plenty of room for more magic and monsters than the TV special