Saturday, April 7, 2018

Book-To-Movie: “The House With a Clock In Its Walls”

An open book, a skull, clock and beaker of foggy liquid.

In this age of Harry Potter, when the YA novel rules, especially in the fantasy and sci fi genres, and when Hollywood exploits the opportunity to adapt it, it should be no surprise that another movie based on a young readers’ book will be coming to theatres soon. This one is called The House With a Clock In Its Walls. The book, by John Bellairs, was published in 1973. However, not until now has a full-length feature film been in the works. The thing that came closest to a movie version of this, unfortunately, little-known novel was a short film which was actually a segment of a late ‘70s made-for-TV Halloween special, Once Upon a Midnight Scary, hosted by Vincent Price. But the book has too much in it to tell the full story in only a less-than-half-hour segment of a one-hour TV special. So it will be very interesting to see how this movie plays out the whole story. Also, there will be plenty of room for more magic and monsters than the TV special could have possibly shown.

The story to House With a Clock: 10-year old Lewis goes to live with his wizard uncle, Johnathon, whose next-door neighbor and lady friend, Ms. Zimmerman, is a witch. Lewis soon discovers that his uncle’s house has a continuously ticking clock hidden in one of the walls. But the loud ticking is the least of the problems with this clock—the clock has been set by an evil force to bring a deadly fate.

I can hardly wait for this movie to release but actually prefer to since, as with the book, there’s a Halloween theme to it. The movie is due for release on September 21st, according to the Internet MovieDatabase (IMDB), just before the season begins and so is near-perfect timing. I just hope it does as well as the trailer makes it look so it can stay in theatres through October.

The House With A Clock In Its Walls Trailer

The House With a Clock In Its Walls is directed by Eli Roth, screen-written by Eric Kripke and stars Jack Black as Uncle Johnathan, Cate Blanchett as Mrs. Zimmerman and Owen Vaccaro as Lewis.

I’m planning to see Ready Player One tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have a review for you here next week!

Until then . . .

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