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Book-To-Movie: ‘The Invisible Man’

Credit: Wikimedia Commons Warning: This article contains potential spoilers. Well, I finally picked up the movie of 1933’s “The Invisible Man” at my local library and refreshed myself on it. (I can’t remember when I saw it before then.) And so today’s Book-To-Movie (once again having been postponed by a week ) will review it, the 2020 remake and the book the two are based on. Since the 1990s’ “Mummy”, Universal Studios has been making remakes of its classic monster films. Occasionally, at least. Most of its remakes seem to continue floating around in the pre-production phase and therefore are simply still in the talks. Not even “Frankenstein” or “Dracula”, which are both literary and movie classics, have been remade by Universal yet. (However, lately, Universal has been considering a new “Bride of Frankenstein” movie .) But “The Invisible Man” is the first Universal monster film remake that’s original had been adapted from a book. Both the 1930s original and the 2020 remake

Highlights of ‘Amazing Stories Magazine’’s First Convention

Credit: Wikimedia Commons “ Amazing Stories" , said to be the world’s oldest science fiction magazine, held its first convention last weekend, June 12 through 14th. It wasn’t only its first virtual convention but its first convention ever! “Amazing Stories” released its first issue in 1926 and then went out of print for more than 10 years. Fortunately, it was relaunched by its current publisher, Steve Davidson. Davidson released the first issue of the resurrected science fiction and fantasy magazine for the World Science Fiction Convention in 2018. Last post I had a partial con report of AmazingCon, the official name for “Amazing Stories”’s convention. This weekend I have a more detailed report of the panels I attended. Unfortunately, I was only able to tune in to the first and second days but of what I attended it was all really amazing! (Pun intended.) Day One The first panel I attended was about pitching stories to editors. Sadly, it didn’t last long and I mentioned

SFWA Supports Black Lives Matter; AmazingCon Progress Report

Credit: Pixabay Just so you’ll know, I may have to postpone this month’s Book-To-Movie review until the fourth Saturday. I regularly do the Book-To-Movie on the third weekend but will not be able to watch one of the movies for it until next Saturday which won’t give me enough time to put together the review. I meant to watch the movie this weekend but have been busy attending “Amazing Stories Magazine”’s first virtual convention, AmazingCon . So I have a brief con report of it for you but first I’d like to go over the actions that the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has recently been taking against racism in the science fiction and fantasy community. SFWA and Black Lives Matter In response to the recent protests against racial injustice, SFWA issued a statement on June 4th explaining the actions it would take to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests. The statement was composed by the organisation’s Board of Directors and is titled,

How Using A Story Map Can Help Organise Your Novel

It’s the first Wednesday of the month and so it’s time for another Insecure Writers Support Group (IWSG) post! In an IWSG post, we writers bring our writing challenges and problems out into the open to share with each other and try to offer solutions. Currently I’ve been working on revisions for the first novella that I’ve ever wrote. Because a novella is basically a short novel, it’s also the first novel that I’ve ever written. Being mostly a short story writer, revising this novella has been more of a challenge for me because it involves so many more details and elements that go into writing it. When I revise a scene and set it aside for the night, the next day I’ll realise that something in that scene contradicts an earlier one. Also, because the work is so much longer than what I normally write, it’s easy to forget details so harder for me to look at the work as a whole to see if there are any details or scenes that don’t belong in the story or that are lacking in it. I wro