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Just Checking the Facts, Ma'am, for My Book

I was about to mail off printed copies of The Fool's Illusion bookmarks to my friend Emerian Rich, of HorrorAddicts .net for her to distribute at BayCon in Santa Clara. However, the con is next weekend and so I didn't think they would reach her in time. Emerian was nice enough to offer to put them out on the free literature table at the con. So if you're reading this, Emerian, I apologise for not being able to mail them to you but I really appreciate the offer and will definitely let you know when Fool's Illusion is out. And it's getting closer to its release, everybody! I apologise for not being able to give specifics at this time, but once it's ready for release I'll let you know. I'm in the fact checking stage of my introduction to the book. I was working on that for nearly half the day today, sitting in a Starbuck's burning my brains out researching information for the accuracy of the details of my subject which is harder than a lot of peopl