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Book Review: Across the Universe

Of course,  The Fool's Illusion  isn't the only speculative fiction book that centres around the theme of deceit. Author Beth Revis's Across the Universe  is set on a star ship that seems to run on lies and therefore illusions some of which are very literal. I recently finished reading this YA novel which was part of my summer reading . My review of it is below. Is it a book you would consider putting on your own reading list? Feel free to provide your answer in the box below.   Photo Credit: Razorbill/Penguin Book's Title:  Across the Universe Author: Beth Revis Series: Across the Universe Trilogy Volume: Book 1 (of 3) Year of Publication: 2011 Publisher: Razorbill/Penguin With young adult science fiction  rising in popularity, especially since The Hunger Games craze, Beth Revis’s Across the Universe carries on this trend. Part space opera, part murder mystery, it’s the first book of a trilogy. Even so, it holds up good as its