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Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Prometheus" and Fiction in Process

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This has been a week with a lot of online talk on Ridley Scott's current projects: Prometheus and a second Blade Runner movie. Prometheus is, what can best be called, a "prequel" to 1979's Alien, although there are some people out there who are not calling it a prequel or sequel. The reason for that is that the movie's storyline simply takes place in the same universe that Alien takes place in. There are no characters from any of the previous Alien movies (as far as I understand), and that includes the monsters.

I was watching the trailor to it yesterday, though, and it seems to be just as intense and as terrifying as the first film. The scenes in the trailor flash by successively and the soundtrack contains that screeching melody like that of the first movie. The movie is due to release this summer. I can hardly wait!

I'm in the process of doing an article on the two upcoming films. (The Blade Runner movie is still at the planning stage so we probably won't see that release until at least another two years, is my guess.) It will probably be out at by Tuesday. That's right. Mardi Gras/Carnival Tuesday. Watch out for giant walking heads from other worlds. Worlds of the imagination, that is.

While I'm working on my collection of short fiction, I'm also writing new fiction which I'm actually getting ready to work on now. For the collection, I have a few more revisions to do for one story and the cover illustration to make. As far as the design of the cover itself goes, I'm going to use templates; making my own design would take too much time for this writer who is too busy with the more creative side of writing and art and who's poor mathematical skills won't allow him the patience for making his own design from scratch. As far as the illustration goes, though, I'm trying to determine the size of the cover and one of the factors in doing that is, at least I think, seeing what size sells the best. I'm sticking with paperback form because it's both affordable for me and probably for readers like yourself as well. So I've been browsing through books on Amazon that are published through its self-publishing service, Create Space.

I'll post the cover here as soon as I have it made so you people can give me your feedback on it. Better yet, I may even post a sketch first and then you can tell me what you think.

Well, I have to go work on one of my newest short stories now which I'll talk more about next time. It's a ghost story; I'll tell you that much for now.

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  1. Greetings! New follower here. I came over from the Masters in Horror FB group. My oldest son is 17 and started giving me updates on this film a few months ago. Very curious to see the tie-in. He's already spoiled a few things, doing his best amateur detective work, but it should be very good. I guess we'll see.
    Take care.


    1. Hi, James. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing Prometheus when it comes out later this year. Though they're not calling it a prequel, I have a big feeling that it's going to provide a lot of background, considering, on the Alien movies. As you said, we'll see.