Friday, May 5, 2017

Free Comic Book Day and ‘Circa’ Print Edition Update

Comic book sound effect

This Saturday I have to find a way to squeese in my writing projects so I can celebrate Free Comic Book Day. So if you’re shocked to see this post out earlier than usual, that’s why.

Taking Time Out for Free Comic Book Day

Comic strip panels containing silhouetted men and street signs.

Is an author being undisciplined by taking out valuable writing time to hit the comic book shops to celebrate a relatively new holiday like Free Comic Book Day (which debuted in 2002)? Not if comics influenced his/her writing. After all, comic books are a form of literature and while they are not a substitute for prose, they are still a form of story-telling paired with art making it one of the most distinctive forms of pop art of the 20th century and beyond. This is a fact that is being accepted more each year since many of the most renowned science fiction and fantasy authors have written comic books along side their prose fiction. Some of these authors are ones such as Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and Harlan Ellison.

If you’ve never been to a Free Comic Book Day event then check out the list of links below that serve as guides. These include Free Comic Book Day’s official page and locator tool that will help you find comic stores in your area that are celebrating the day. Another link is to national news radio NPR which also puts out a guide for the holiday. NPR covers many significantly world-impacting issues from presidential elections and foreign affairs to sciences and the arts. So there’s another example of how the comic book medium is being taken more seriously!

     Free Comic Book Day Resources

And if you’re in the Sacramento area, then check out two of Sacramento’s best comic shops: Empire comics Vault, and Comics and Collectibles (those are only two of the best!). They’re both celebrating the holiday by featuring live appearances of some of the finest comic book writers and artists in the area such as Chris Wisnia, Kepi Ghoulie (former musician of the now broken up Groovy Ghoulies punk band), Kyrun Silva and even nationwide artist Eric Nguyen of Marvel’s Old Man Logan!

A manga/anime girl in a dance/combat pose.

‘Circa’ Print Edition Update

I have my pages set up for ads in the print edition of “Circa Sixty YearsDead”. I also put in the header information (author’s name and book title) on each page of the body text. Now I just need to insert the ads themselves, including their illustrations, and see about converting the manuscript to HTML so it will upload easily to Amazon. I’m hoping I can get that done by next week. So be sure to tune in here next time for more news on that.

Until then . . .

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