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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Preview of Coming Attractions of Attractions

Hi, everybody.

Last weekend I said I would have at least an excerpt of my ghost story posted here. Only a couple minutes ago I was going to post an excerpt, but when I looked over the story it was still too much of a mess to show anybody. It's very short so I thought it would be better if I the just post the whole thing next weekend when it's all cleaned up.

I've been revising an article of an interview I did with an editor of an online literary magazine called The Horror Zine. That's right, it's entitled exactly what it is. And there's a story behind how the founder and editor, Jeani Rector, named it in the article which I hope to have up at by the middle of next week. So keep checking back at my sci fi news page there and I'll definitely let you know in next weekend's blog post whether I have the article up yet. But It was a real pleasure to interview Miss Rector; she's a very interesting, very hardworking and very nice person. You can check out her Horror Zine here. There's a lot of great fiction and other related material there, much of it by well known writers.

The news has been out that there is a remake of the 1960s British sci fi movie Day of the Triffids in the making. I'm planning to do an article on that as well which I hope to also have out at Examiner by Monday. So look out for that one too.

Well that's it for now. I'm going to get some editing done on one of my stories for my upcoming short story collection that I hope I'll have released by April.

Take scare! 

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