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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Read an Online Magazine for a Good Cause

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Last week I said I would discuss minorities of colour in speculative fiction, but I’m going to hold that off until next week because I felt another issue is of more immediate importance at this time. Several weeks ago while looking for online magazines to submit short stories to, I came across a magazine called I followed a link from the submission guidelines page that took me to a letter by founder Joy Poger. In the letter, Joy talks about how the production of the magazine has slowed down due to her taking time off to seek treatment for her cancer. Joy is a very ambitious, hopeful woman who has put a lot of work into this science fiction/fantasy magazine that shows in its great content.

As difficult as cancer is to deal with, Joy is a woman of faith and is determined to pursue her plans for the magazine. But, in order to treat her illness, she has had to put many of these plans on hiatus. How can we support a great woman like this who is enduring a hardship? As she puts it, we can support her by reading the magazine and letting others know about it.

Buzzymag Fiction

You can contribute to this good cause without having to give a penny. All you need to do is read a really neat, entertaining online magazine which BuzzyMag is. There is a lot of great stuff in there for both science fiction/fantasy writers and fans. There’s plenty of good fiction that falls within the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. I’m actually reading a neat sci fi there now called “The Obvious Solution” by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro. It’s about an AI unit that has the brain patterns of a very famous late science fiction author. Who’s the author? Go to and read the story to find out!

Buzzymag Non-fiction

The magazine has a lot of good non-fiction too. This includes writing tips. One of these is an article called “Zen and the Art of Character Creation” which even though it caters to gaming, a lot of the character development techniques it talks about can work for fiction writing too. BuzzyMag also offers plenty of book, TV and movie reviews as well as interviews with authors, actors and other “people of interest”.

Other Ways to Support Buzzymag

There are other ways to support Buzzymag besides simply reading it. Joy lists these in her letter which range from leaving comments for contributing authors and staff to sharing on social media.

Because Joy and her staff are so backed up with submissions, I’m holding off my own submissions to Buzzymag and am reading and engaging in as much of the magazine as I can to help make it more well-known throughout the Internet. But I or anyone else can’t do it alone. It takes several people, hundreds at the very least, to promote a magazine into popularity. But, as readers, we can do this simply by sitting in a comfortable chair either at our desktops or mobile devices and reading the magazine’s neat articles and fiction. So give it a try and then let me know what you think in the comments box below.

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