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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Save a Piece of Literary History

They say the Recession is dying out, and that may be true in a sense, but most of us would agree that we're still seeing the impact. Many of us would agree that we're still feeling the impact! The sad thing is that what has really been getting cut or at least threatened to be cut are many art and literary programs. Many public libraries have had to reduce their hours which has been definitely the case with the one in my town of the Woodland. In addition to libraries, museums have been closing up and that includes the closing of one of Davis, California's Explorit Science Center locations.

Further out from my home area of Sacramento--like way, way out--a museum is in danger of having its doors closed and that is the Edgar Allen Poe museum in Baltimore, Maryland. This includes the Father of American horror's house that he resided in when he was alive and living in Baltimore. This would be really sad to see these literary historical sights shut down for eternity and God only knows perhaps even demolished (I shudder to even just mention the possibility).

But like with all things, there is hope. The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore has a petition form set up on the Web that you can sign to save these important sites of not just gothic horror history, but literary history in general. I signed the petition, and, especially if you're a horror fan like me and even more especially if you're a Poe fan like me, I hope you sign the petition too. Yes, the economy is tough, and priorities have to be taken, but even a minimal of funding for the museum could help; progress may be very slow, but it can pay off in the long run. I don't think the petition sight is asking for funding, since that comes from, I believe the state of Maryland, or maybe federal government or maybe even both (honestly I really don't remember, I apologise). But petitioning can do a lot.

Until next time . . .

(If the above link to the petition does not work, you can try clicking on or cutting and pasting the address: )

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