Saturday, February 19, 2011

Edgar Allen Poe, Sci Fi Writer?

Last week's post was about the Poe house and museum under threat of closure due to lack of funding. I talk about it a little more in my latest article, but not a whole lot, mind you. However, what I do talk about a whole lot more is Poe's science fiction.

What? You didn't know Poe wrote science fiction in addition to his many horror stories of the supernatural? Well then you need to read a lot more of his work!

I mention a few of Poe's science fiction titles in the article, but you can find more titles by checking for Harold Beaver's The Science Fiction of Edgar Allen Poe and either purchase this collection of Poe's sci fi stories or look at the table of contents in the book's virtual sample pages and see what those titles are. If you go the first route, you'll have a very informing and insightful introduction and commentary by the editor to read. If you go the second route then you can read the stories in a complete works collection of the author if you have one, and if you don't have one you can check one out at your local public library. If your local public library doesn't have a copy of a complete works, well good luck hunting for the titles while journeying from collected works to collected works. In doing so you may find other great books or authors along the way, which is the great thing about going to an actual library or actual book store as opposed to merely ordering a selected few books that you're searching for on online bookstores such as and, and you can feel the tangible possibilities rather than just see them on a screen.

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Take Scare!

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