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Tarzan: 100 Years

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I thought I was going to have an article at on the Centennial of Tarzan about a week from this Monday. It’s actually going to be a little earlier than that. Even though the downtown library in Sacramento originally scheduled the centennial event for Labor Day weekend they moved it to this weekend instead. This was apparently due to a recent decision to close the library for the entire Labor Day weekend due to lack of funds and so having to furlough the staff for that weekend.  Well, at least it gives the library staff a weekend off which they definitely deserve (aside from not being paid). Where would this country be without our public librarians and their supporting staff? Literacy would be a much more elitist activity, now wouldn’t it? So maybe library work isn’t laborious work (at least not for the librarians) but it’s still a lot of work with a lot of complications and they don’t get praised or appreciated enough for it, at least not openly. So maybe we should call for a holiday just for them. That’s just a suggestion for you guys and gals out there to think over and plan if you think it’s a good thing; I’m not leading any petition or such movement. I’m not that political (I hardly am to begin with, but that’s an entirely different subject that I’m not going to get into here.)


So the Tarzan Centennial has been going this weekend at Sacramento Central Library. It’s a two day event, and so started today (August 25) and continues through tomorrow (Sunday). Think of it as a mini pop culture con only it’s all Tarzan, with supplements of other works by Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs--including the Mars novels that were initiated by A Princess of Mars and ended with John Carter of Mars which the Disney movie adaptation of released in theatres last spring and more recently on DVD/BluRay. In fact, I just rented it today before heading for the centennial. I’m going to watch it for the first time tonight since I’m doing an article about the best sci fi movies set on Mars and so need to see if it’s worthy of including in the article.


Now I know a lot of you are probably shaking your heads warning me not to include John Carter on the list, perhaps not even to waste my time watching it. Well, if I waste my time watching it at least I won’t be wasting the buck-20 that I paid to rent it from the Redbox at the Raley’s near my humble wooded abode here in the Woodland of No Return. But here’s the other reason I’m still going to watch it: it may had done crappy at the box office and so maybe the blockbuster majority wasn’t impressed by it, but some of us film viewers are not the blockbuster majority. And so we go by our own standards of what makes a good movie as opposed to Hollywood CEOs’ standards. Therefore I’m giving this movie a chance like I do with all movies that appeal to me in their trailers. If you don’t see Disney’s John Carter listed in “The Best Movies Set On Mars” (tentative title at the moment) at next week then you’ll know I thought it sucked. Or at least thought it sucked enough not to be included on the list.


Oh, the Centennial.  Like I said, it was today and continues tomorrow.  There’s been a lot of great talks there on everything from Tarzan as modern mythology and the Tarzan books (of course) to the films of Tarzan.  Tomorrow it continues with talks on the comic book adaptations of Tarzan and female characters in the Tarzan novels, great talks by authors and pop culture historians, including historians from big name E.R. Burroughs organizations such as the Burroughs Bibliophiles. There are Tarzan collectible exhibits on display and even a guided tour for them.


If you’re in the area and whether you’re a Tarzan/E.R. Burroughs fan or just a pop culture fan in general, I strongly suggest you stop by and check out the centennial celebration. It starts at noon tomorrow and goes to about 4:30 p.m. Here’s a link to an article of mine that gives more information on the event. I’ll have an article dedicated to it at within the next week. If you’re not in the Sacramento area then do a Google search for “Tarzan Centennial” and type in the name of the closest major city to you and you may be able to find an event going on in your area.


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