Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Marks and Pop Art

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I said two weeks ago that I would have more about my book and Disneyland last weekend. I apologise for missing last weekend. It was a really crazy Saturday last weekend. I tried making it out to Sacramento's annual horror convention but the bus route I was supposed to take was held back by road construction that they just had to pick do at that time (or close enough to it). And this week's been busy because I've found myself having to take on more writing projects than most other times.

A little about my book though: I'm in the process of colouring the cover illustration. I had meant to make some book marks based on it to distribute at last week's con but wasn't able to get past the designing of it on the computer. I'm only a modest computer geek, so it takes me some time to figure out the software to do these things. I plan to have the book marks done before next weekend though because that's when I need them for another event.

If you're in Sacramento next Saturday, October 13, I suggest you check out the art show in downtown called "The Best of Geeky Sacramento Comic Book & Pop Art Showcase" at The Urban Hive, 1931 H Street in Sacramento, CA 95811. It's from 4 to 9 p.m. I'm planning to have my book marks there but if you're too far from Sacramento please don't come out there just for that. Like I said, I'm only a modest software geek and so I can't be sure that I will have these book marks out by then but I am aiming for that date. But the show will have some of the best comic book and imaginative art on display not just in Sacramento but, at least in my opinion, the world.

Did anybody celebrate the first annual Star Wars Reads Day? If you didn't know about it you can read about it in my article at And this month is also National Book Month as you may have known. Any of you every thought about joining a live book club (though some dead ones can be fun too!)? Well this article may give you an idea about how to get in touch with one starting with your computer.

I'll have more for you next week.

Until then . . .

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