Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fanatics, Fools, Santas and Devils

Warning: This post may contain content considered obscene/objectionable by some viewers.

Photo Credit: Danny Hennesy/Kristian Svensson/Wikimedia Commons

I ran into a bunch of teens from a church while I was walking back to my house from town late this afternoon and they gave me an invitation card to their play. It turned out to be from a fundamentalist church. I get along with fundamentalist Christians as much as Jews got along with Samaritans in Jesus's time. You can't blame the kids, though; they're just going along with what their parents believe. But in the words of the British butler Cruikshank from 1966's Munster, Go Home!, I said as I tossed the invitation in the garbage as soon as I got in the house, "Adolescent, swine!" Only I replaced "adolesecent" with "fundamentalist". Man, I hate religious fanatics telling me what to believe and how. There's just no room in this horror writer's life for religious fanaticism since he is already a fanatic--a sci fi/fantasy fanatic, that is.

Anyway. . . Unfortunately my book, The Fool's Illusion, won't make it out before the New Year. As indicated on the book marks that I finally had printed and copied off, it's now due out early 2013.  Which may be better because the "13" in the year goes better with many of the stories in the book. (No, I didn't hold off publishing it just for that reason!) I don't know the specific month or day when it will be out, probably by the end of January (but I'm trying to get it out sooner). Just keep checking back here for more updates on the book. You can also follow me on Twitter.

If you want a book mark and are in the Sacramento area, you can get one at Movies On A Big Screen's (MOBS's) Crappy Christmas screening of the B-rated and mostly forgotten film, Santa Claus Vs. Satan, tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. (when the movie begins) at the Grange theatre. Provided that I'll be able to get a hold of one of the employees or organisers there to give them the book marks since I won't be able to make it to the screening itself.  But hey, if it turns out nobody is available to receive the book marks and therefore you see none there, you get to see the movie and laugh along at it's poor quality with your cool cat of a B movie/horror host, Mr. Lobo of syndicated Cinema Insomnia who will be there! So as far as the book marks go, it's just a maybe for the reason mentioned above, but like I said, you get the movie no matter what provided that you pay the five dollar admission fee. (Hey, the five bucks are for the show, not my book marks--those are free).

What's the movie about? It's about Santa versus Satan. If you want details, you'll probably have a better time reading them at MOBS's website than listening to me yap on about, what's said to be, one of the worst holiday movies ever (though I didn't think it was). Now if you do like listening to me yap on about such movies, then go to my review of it from last year's Crappy Christmas screening series. Or you can just wait until I talk about it in an upcoming article of mine on strange holiday movies, but I can't guarentee you it will be out on before the movie tomorrow.

Until next time and . . .

Happy Hallow-days, everybody!

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