Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Liebster Blog Awards

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I know I said in my last post that I would have a full blog article here. However, I was just nominated this afternoon for the Liebster  Blog Awards by a Cassidy Leslie. Thanks again, Cassidy! Part of the nomination process consists of posting and answering questions from my nominator (Cassidy), and posting the nomination rules along with my own questions for those bloggers I nominate in turn. You’ll find the list of bloggers I nominated below.

The purpose of the Liebster Awards is to help fellow bloggers gain greater exposure. I’m glad to help out my fellow blog writers in this way. But if you ever wondered about the guy behind the curtain playing the Wiz, yours truly, you can find out more about him now in my responses to Cassidy’s questions below!

For the Bloggers I Nominate:

Rules of the Liebster Awards 
1) Thank the person who nominated you
2) Answer the questions given by the nominator
3) Nominate 11 bloggers with 100 or less followers and link them to your post
4) Create another 11 questions for them to answer in their blog
5) Notify them

Questions from Cassidy

1) What is your favorite color? (This is a warm up question) Orange.
2) Tell us something that makes you unique? I’m both a lover of punk and disco (and if you know your ‘70s history, the two were arch enemies (so to put) with each other).
3) Pick three people you'd have dinner with, alive or dead, famous or not, tell us who and then you can ask them any three questions what would you ask? Ray Bradbury: How did you pull through being (what we call ourselves today) a nerd/geek in grades Kindergarten through 12th?; Anna H. (a groovy acquaintance who I wanted to ask out but didn’t get the chance): Who’s your dream boy?; My Great, Great Grandfather Alejandro Rose: Why did you really change our Portuguese family surname to English?. 
4) If one day you were singing while filling up your car and some guy told you he could make you famous would you do it? Probably not, because glass breaks when I sing and so I know he would be lying.
5) (Warning this one is tough) Write the first line of lyrics that pop into your head right now, without thinking! “We all live in a Yellow Submarine . . .”
6) What was you biggest challenge in life that you over came? Getting published. 
7)  Do you read my blog? are you going to now? Haha I am now, now that I know about it.
8) What was your first car and if you could have it back would you? An ’85 Pontiac Firebird. Yes, I would have it back if I could get the AC fixed; she almost literally was a firebird in the summers, but I had to give her up among other things, too (e.g. engine and other parts had their days).
9) Have you ever been bullied? What do you think should be done to fix this problem? I was slapped around all the time (it seemed) from grades 2nd through 11th. At least two things should be done about the problem: 1) The bully should be put up for adoption because his/her parents probably aren’t giving them the love they need at home; and/or 2) The bully should be expelled from school and committed to community service and counseling (if not juvie/jail) because it’s not fair for the other kids trying to learn. 
10) Whats your biggest fear and why? The country going total (neo) Nazi or some racist/fascist form of government right up there with it. It’s my greatest fear because it would probably outlaw the kinds of things I write about. 
11) Favorite movie and why? Star Wars the original trilogy because it’s one of the best myths that I’ve lived by next to the Bible (among other sacred texts); or, to put it another way, it’s a film that does for me what sacred texts such as the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita have done. 

Bloggers and Their Blogs I Nominate [link to these]:

Questions for the Bloggers Whose Blogs I Nominate:

1) What is your dream car?
2) What is your favourite/favourite kind of food?
3) What is your favourite genre/subgenre of reading?
4) Do you prefer Star Trek, Star Wars or neither?
5) Of these classic/old school horror films, do you prefer Halloween, Friday the 13th, Universal’s original Frankenstein, Psycho or none of the above?
6) If you won the lottery, you would . . . (do what?)
7) How would you respond to a film agent who offered you a part in a big budget film?
8) Do you have anything (interest, toy, habit, etc.) from childhood that you will not let go of as an adult? If so, what is it?
9) What do you do when a person you’ve met for the first time bores you with their talk?
10) Do you believe the world’s ready for commercial space flight? If so, why? If not, why not?
11) What is more important to you, money or love (of humanity, including significant others/family and friends)?

Next time: I will have an article for you on world-building by this weekend. Until then . . .