Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wizard World Comic Con Returns to Sacramento

A Wizard World Comic Con in Manhattan, NY
Photo Credit: © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

I know I said I would have a review of a Philip K. Dick short story for you soon but my writing project schedule has become a little jumbled this past week. I was especially held back when my Internet went out on me yesterday afternoon for no apparent reason. And it came back on, also for no apparent reason, but not until the evening. It was really frustrating, but the most important thing is that it’s back on so I can write and post this entry for you. So I’ll have to hold off the review until a later date because an event I want to tell you about is already going on. It is Wizard World Comic Con and it has returned here to Sacramento.

If you are not in the Sacramento area to attend Wizard World, there’s good news. This is a touring comic convention that hits several cities throughout North America so there may be one near you in the upcoming months. If you’re not in the U.S., well consider doing some traveling to see a new place because if you’re a big comic book or pop culture fan it may be worth a plane ticket.

Even though Wizard World specialises in comics, it also features many other areas of pop cultural interest--such as TV, film, video games, board games and animation--most of which cover speculative genres and some even non-speculative genres. For example, one of the celebrity guest speakers scheduled to make an appearance is actor Henry Winkler who played the “Fonz” in Happy Days.

The neat thing about this con is that it’s not all just cosplay and vendors. Several, what are called, “industry” panels are offered there. These panels consist of  presentations and discussions by and with professional artists and writers of books, comics, TV, film and games. These pros talk about their work and how to get into or move up in a field of specialty. No matter where we are in our writing or art careers, these experts are great to listen and talk to because they can offer new tips and, at the very least, inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing our own careers in the arts. And if you’re not an artist or writer but just a fan, then they can still be really interesting to listen and talk to because they often offer insight into their work and even give updates about it, such as upcoming movies or graphic novels. These updates may not have been announced in the press yet. So if you’re a journalist like yours truly, this may be the perfect event to get that breaking story on, who knows, a future Star Trek series or movie!
The last day of this three-day con is tomorrow (Sunday 21 June) and tickets may still be available. For more details about this convention, check out my preview at I myself have not been to this year’s Wizard World but will be attending tomorrow. So you might see me there. If so, feel free to stop and say “hi”! I don’t have a table there but I’ll be wandering throughout. 

I’ll try to have highlights for tomorrow’s Wizard World events next week. Also, if you want a list of other cities this comic convention will be visiting, check out WizardWorld’s website

Until next time . . . 

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