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A Sci Fi and Fantasy Guide to Read A Book Day

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Labor Day isn’t the only holiday we have this weekend. Although it may not be official, tomorrow, Sunday the 6th of September, is National Read A Book Day.  people are encouraged to read a book. So don’t just take a break from work, but take a break from burning your eye-balls out from the TV, computer, and cinema screens and read a book. Although some like to read books on a computer screen of some sort, I prefer my book in print and so like to feel with my hands what I’m reading; I like to hold the art of the book binding. But what medium you read on is up to you. As long as you forget the video for the day and read a book--or even better, read several books--you will be truly celebrating Read A Book Day which is what I plan to do.

For those of you who are not sure which books to read, I conjured up this list of past blog posts featuring book titles to help you. Most of these are sci fi and fantasy books since this is primarily a speculative fiction blog, but if you follow my blog that’s probably what you read anyway. If you don’t then at least you’ll have some recommendations from a genre outside your usual one and may even end up liking it. Who knows? Maybe there will be a Read A Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Day sometime in the future to encourage people to read books in the genre. I also added to the list a couple book titles that you can find at Amazon.

A List to Help You With National Read A Book Day

Yes, it’s a list within a list. I thought there was no better way than to begin an end-of-summer reading list than with a summer reading list. Especially since I never got around to making a summer reading list this year.

In here, I talk about Adam Douglass’s and Kim Stanley Robinson’s books. So you’ll see some titles by them. Plus, there’s a link to another book list in this one.  So that gives you more options for sure.

Though we’re a long ways off from December, the books in this post are great for reading at any time of the year.

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
This is probably one of the best books to read on a literary holiday such as Read A Book Day since it’s about books in the future.

The Fool’s Illusion, Steven Rose, Jr. 
If none of the titles in this list or at its links interest you, you can purchase a copy of my book of short fiction that is sure to entertain you. In fact, it will be three years old the 22nd of this month! Look out for a special anniversary blog around then.

Now, what am I planning on reading this Sunday? I’m going to try to struggle through the bad writing yet good story of Ian Fleming’s Doctor No (one of the earliest James Bond novels), read a story or two from Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker, and start one of three novels from the ‘60s and ‘70s by Larry Niven: Protector; World of Ptavvs; or A World Out of Time.

What are you planning to read for National Read a Book Day? Feel free to leave your answers in the box below. Other than that . . .

Until next time . . .

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