Sunday, October 18, 2015

6 Pics from Sinister Creature Con

Sinister Creature Con was a blast. I was there most of the day. Even though it catered more to the cinematic special effects and make-up crowd, I found a lot of great inspiration and motivation for my own art, the art of words particularly. I want to share with you that inspiration and the tips that came from it but it’s been a long day, so tonight’s not the best time. I would do it next week but that’s when I want to give you a chance at winning a giveaway through a Halloween contest and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit both in that weekend, especially since I have a family gathering to go to that evening. So it will probably be either Halloween weekend or the weekend after. But I would like to share some photos* with you that I took at the con which you’ll find below. Most are of attendees who came in costume which theirs and many others’ were really out’a sight!

Two furries (or hairries?)

Three convention attendees in costume: Michael Jackson "Thriller" Werewolf, "Old Man" in a cloak, and a "Pimp".

Three cousins in costume, from left to right: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Werewolf, Old Man in a Cloak (but my cousin underneath is nowhere near an old man; in fact, he just turned 21 this past summer!); and Pimp. People were really impressed with the Werewolf. Other attendees kept asking if they could take his photo. He even danced in a spontaneous act with his Michael Jackson “Thriller” zombie double! Sadly, I wasn’t with them at the time to snap a photo.

Convention attendee in Magenta maid costume from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Magenta the Maid, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Two costumed con attendees: Magenta the maid with glitter dressed Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Magenta with Columbia, from Rocky Horror.

Two con attendees in black and white striped costumes, one with ghoulish green paint on her face and holding a stuffed unicorn.
A couple of friendly ghoul girls I asked if I could snap a photo of.

Bookmark depicting the right top portion of a green face peering out of a blackened window.

And for those of you who were not able to make it, here’s the Hidden promo bookmark I distributed copies of at the swag table in the dealers’ room. As I said last week, I had to get it together fast using stock photos because I couldn’t make the book cover’s illustration that I wanted to base it off of in time. I wasn’t even sure if I would get this one done in time for the con, but I did. So Canva, the online photo-editing software I used to design the bookmark, worked out pretty good.

I did, however, have to leave a tiny flaw in the bookmark because I didn’t have time to fix it. Can you find it? If you do, point it out by telling me in the box below. For that matter, if you find any other flaws in it that I may have overlooked, please also point them out. It will help me do better on the next one.

Until next time . . .

* Photo credits: Steven Rose, Jr.

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