Sunday, August 21, 2016

Book Cover Illustration Reveal for ‘Circa Sixty Years Dead’

Well, here it is! The completed book cover illustration for my short read horror story, “Circa Sixty Years Dead”.

A coloured-pencil illustration of a six-armed goddess statue.
Credit: Steven Arellano Rose, Jr.

That brings my book that much closer to its release! This week I’ll be working on formatting it for Kindle. I’ll also be uploading the illustration to Amazon so I can put it together with the rest of the cover. So next week, I’ll have the full cover reveal for you: complete with illustration, title and author’s byline. That is, provided that I don’t need to make any changes. Any changes I need to make will be determined by you, readers! Therefore, let me know what you think of the illustration and whether or not it needs any improvement. After all, the books I write are for you to read, not for me. The end product is for the pleasure of your reading; I already read the story as I edit it.

I’ll check the comments box below throughout the week, and if there are any suggestions for the illustration then I’ll work on making changes to it. If that’s the case, you can expect the full cover reveal, complete with synopsis, the following week. If you missed last week’s post, take a look at it: I posted the official synopsis there with the incomplete book cover illustration that you can use to compare to the complete one above.

Everybody have a great week. I’ll be busy working on the above mentioned tasks.

Until next time . . .

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