Monday, November 7, 2016

Post-Halloween Post: 'I, Frankenstein', Writing Challenges, Variant Cover

I hope everybody had a great Halloween. It went by all too fast as always. Maybe that’s why I’m a horror writer, so I can have “Halloween” year round. Overall, my All Hallow’s Eve was okay, even though I became dreadfully sick and I hadn’t even eaten any candy! So I didn’t do anything that night except stay home and read H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Rats In the Walls”, which is one of his best stories and has plenty of Gothic elements such as a haunted castle and a dreadful family secret. I strongly suggest reading it. The next evening, however, I attended a Halloween party that my writers group put on. Each year we get together on or near the hallow-day and read a story we each wrote based on a photo prompt. I’m not good writing in response to prompts, at least when it comes to fiction. So I’ll admit that my story was crap. But I’m glad I wrote and read it for the sake of participating. Here’s some more of my post-Halloween activity:

Short Movie Review of I, Frankenstein

The day after the party I was sick again. This time jt was probably from eating too much Halloween candy and other goodies at the night before. So I stayed indoors most of the day. I used part of the time to watch 2014’s I, Frankenstein that one of the local TV stations was airing. I hadn’t seen it before. Overall, I liked it. It’s a popcorn horror/dark fantasy flick, but it worked. What made this movie fairly good was that the story stays relatively true to Mary Shelley’s novel. Even though it starts out after the events of the book, its continuity between them and those of the movie was strong. The movie was loaded with plenty of suspense and story development and more than enough action. In fact, the movie was mostly all action, which kind of rushed the story. The set design was fantastic, though. The special effects were okay, the exception being that when the demons are killed in battle and explode the pixelation of the digital effects give away the realism. Also, Frankenstein’s monster (given the name “Adam” in this movie and played by Aaron Eckhart) looked too much like a normal human being which was my biggest fault with the movie. Other than those few problems, it wasn’t bad.

The Challenge of Writing the Opposite Sex’s P.O.V.

Now that the Halloween rush is over, I’ve been getting back on track with my writing projects. I’m continuing editing my current short story, a sci fi horror about a search engine. It’s been a bit of a challenge because the main character is a woman and I haven’t written many stories with female protagonists. The few that I have I’ve fallen short in developing their main characters. But the key to writing from the point of view of the opposite sex is to think of the common human desires and ambitions your protagonist has, and so desires and ambitions we all share as human beings, then give him/her distinctive traits. An article by author A. Lee Martinez at talks about this in more detail and so if you have problems writing from the view point of the opposite gendre I strongly recommend reading it. 

Writing Through the Block

The other challenge with this story was a sudden case of writer’s block. It came about from myself having inevitably changed directions in the course of the story while revising. I couldn’t go back to the old direction because the story and character would’ve remained stale. So what did I do when I couldn’t find a solution that connected A with B and therefore one scene with the next? I simply wrote through the block. Not only did it help me continue revising the story but it lead to a new idea that enhanced the plot! So the next time you get a block in your writing try writing through it no matter how lame the words seem. It’s in writing itself that develops ideas and brings in new ones, maybe not immediately but eventually.

To Come . . .

The other project I’ll be returning to is “Circa Sixty Years Dead”’s variant cover, the photo realistic cover that I said I would give my newest published book of horror. [link] So you’ll be hearing more about that in the weeks to come.

So what did you do for Halloween? Did you go to any parties? Hand out treats? Hand out tricks? Did you watch or read any good horror? Feel free to leave your responses in the box below.

Until next time . . .

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