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Monday, December 19, 2016

Print Edition of ‘Circa Sixty Years’ Coming Sooner Than Anticipated

A Tyrannosaurus rex in a Santa Clause suit.

Well, the photographic cover for my single short story book, “Circa SixtyYears Dead” will not be here in time for the holidays. However, the print version will be here sooner than I had anticipated, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing’s new paperback print option.

“Circa Sixty Years Dead” Print Edition

Until recently, a print version of a self-published Kindle book had to be produced by separate means through Amazon’s Create Space. But now a print edition of an ebook can be produced a little bit more quickly through Kindle Direct’s new print option (currently at the beta level). So far, I’ve partly registered “Circa” for this option. I just have to upload the manuscript and cover to the program. The manuscript is what may take a while before I upload it because I need to make sure it’s formatted correctly and formatting isn’t the best of my self-publishing skills. Apparently, the manuscript and cover have to come from my own files rather than the ones Kindle Direct already has for the digital edition. Perhaps someday Amazon will take things a step or two further and enable the files for the ebook to convert more easily to print-ready format. So look out for the paperback edition of “Circa Sixty Years” coming between now and the first week of the new year!

Holiday Deal

And now for my Holiday Deal: from now until Christmas Eve, customers can receive a free ebook copy of The Fool’s Illusion if they purchase the print edition. This is a great deal to save on those last minute Holiday gifts you are looking for for that reader friend or relative.

One Last Holiday Donation for the Season

I donated a model Millenium Falcon to the California Highway Patrol’s toy drive, and a monetary donation to the local meal program for the elderly (Meals On Wheels of Yolo County). Now I have one last donation to make for the holiday season.

I’ve been working on some Christmas fantasy art which I am going to donate to the public domain. Once I donate to the public domain, I will donate it to where many of the beautiful illustrations you see here at the Fantastic Site come from and are done by some really great artists. These artists have been kind enough to donate their work for free use making it easier and more affordable for writers and bloggers like myself to post images on our websites. So I felt that it’s time to give back. Be on the look out for my Christmas coloured pencil drawing by visiting my Facebook page throughout the week. I hope to have it up by Wednesday but it will be up by Christmas Eve for sure. I will provide the link to it on my Facebook page where you can download a copy (for free, of course). That will be my holiday gift to you wonderful readers and fellow writers out there.

This weekend will be extraordinarily busy for me since it’s the Christmas weekend. So I’m taking a week off from posting here and will return at the beginning of the new year. I hope to have the paperback edition of “Circa Sixty Years” launched by then and to have made some progress on the photographic cover. I also said I would provide a review of the movie Arrival which I wasn’t able to do this time but will try to have it here next.

I wish everybody a Happy Hallow-Day Season and New Year and will see you next year!

Until then . . .

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