Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento 2017: Mini Report

I mentioned last time that I would have a review of Steve Sabatka’s YA sci fi novel, Mr. Fishback’s Monster. However, this weekend was Wizard World comic con in Sacramento which your blog host, Big Bro Steven of the UnOrthodox Geek Church, has been attending and will attend tomorrow (the last day) as well. So I’ll save the review for another time, since I’m not even going to have time for a full write-up of the con this evening. As far as the con goes, though, I’ll give a small brief.

There has been some some really great panels on fiction and comic book writing at this year’s Wizard World, one about creating villainous characters and another about the Satan myth in horror and other dark fiction. I met some really interesting fellow authors there who were really helpful with advice at their panels. And the dealers’ room is always big. There must’ve been at least a hundred booths there, which is a lot for a comic convention in Sacramento. Even though much of the dealers’ room emphasises new factory-line collectibles, such as Funko’s Pop vinyl figures, there are some booths that sell vintage collectibles and there are always super artists, writers and other creators selling their super work. Wizard World has gotten so big since its debut here four years ago that it’s nearly become San Diego Comic Con for Sacramento! Like I said, I’ll have a fuller review of the con, especially of the fiction writing panels, next time. But for now enjoy the pics below that I snapped there.

A cosplayer wearing a computer monitor mask offers a platter of candy.

The Screen Man Maitre D’? of an animaid cafe there at the con.

A statue of Marvel's Hulk with with a base bearing the Avengers logo.
Credit: Marvel Comics
This statue of the Hulk must’ve stood at least 12 feet high. Fifteen feet if you count the debris base he was standing on!

Statue of Iron Man holding out a hand in a blast pose.
Credit: Marvel Comics
Iron Man gets ready to shoot a blast of energy from his high-tech hand!

A cosplayer/costumer dressed as Marvel's Man-Thing.
Credit: Marvel Comics
The Man-Thing, man, with a mug of muck mead (perhaps) at his side (at his right knee, look closely). The advantage of being a muck monster is that you’ll always have a cup holder with you! Unlike the two Marvel figures above, this one's a live costumer.

Well that’s it for this week. Until next . . .

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